29er Tyres


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I would imagine like all it would depend on the tyre and rim but I've never had any issues with mine on my Rockhopper, easy on and off at side of road repairing punctures.
I personally would say compared to some 700c Road tyres its much easier due to wider rims, more surface area to get hold of etc.
A wheels a wheel, as long as you know the basics of puncture repair you'll be fine I reckon :becool:
Not 29er, but may still apply. Recently got a couple of new decathlon tyres (26 x 2.0) for one of my clunkers. Back one straight on, runs peachy. Front one more wobbly than a wobbly jelly. Tried adding some soapy water to the mix, no use. Removed and tried again with soapy water, still the same. Ran it for a while, but the 'hump' was noticeable and getting annoying. Anyways, had another spare front wheel in my store, so gave that a go. Tyre went on nice and true, no messing with soapy water. Seems a slight variation in wheel size is enough to cause an issue. Just a heads up - don't assume the tyre is at fault! :okay:
Just my Cube MTB that has 29ers and swapped tyres a couple of times with no problem at all. Think as with most tricky tyre fittings it seems to come down to rim/tyre compatibility.


i use these if i have a troubled tyre


simple to use and fits easily in the saddle bag
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