1. Daninplymouth

    32mm tyres

    Just wanted to put a review up, I just changed from 28c to 32c gp5000 tyres. I have only done to short trips on them so far but seem really positive. I took about 15psi out of what I was running the 28s at but may try losing another 5psi and see how that goes. The ride seems a lot smoother and...
  2. Tom B

    What MTB tyres are we running for muddy winter?

    I've just got back from my first curtailed (snapped gear cable) MTB ride for a while. I'm in Northwest England with lots of moorland tracks paths. It seems the landscape has got a bit soft and squishy in the time i've been away and my 2× Rocket Rob Tyres which are increasingly worn...
  3. S


    Need to replace two front tyres on my Ford Fiesta, looking at Yokohama BluEarth as they are on offer. Any thoughts or expriences appreciated (replacing a set of continental premium contact2).
  4. K

    VIttoria Corsa 28mm tan wall tyres, Ritchey stem 90mm, Ultegra rotor. REMOVED FROM SALE

    Selling some bits I won't be using anytime soon. Pair of VIttoria Corsa g Isotech tyres, 28mm less than 300 miles, no cuts whatsoever but some staining mainly where the bead fits under the rim £35 pair posted RItchey 90mm WCS 220 stem, very good condition slight mark underneath from a cable...
  5. Sloth

    Road tyres for MTB and saddle position?

    194CE9CF-22A4-4DC5-BA22-851ACCB3D3EF by NEIL MCCARTHY, on Flickr Also, can someone advise on my seat position? I get shoulder burn on this bike as it's set up but have been told that the saddle should be roughly the same height as the bars (which it seems to be - see pics) and that the saddle...
  6. T

    Tyre fitting,

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if it's possible/ok to fit 35-42c tube in 30/32c Tyre? And what are the negatives?
  7. RoadRider400

    Which size tube for 35mm hybrid tyres?

    Tubes I want to buy are either 28-35 or 35-45. Im guessing its the smaller one. Is that right?
  8. G

    Winter Tyres

    Hi there I want to put some winter tyres on my bike and have the following spare pairs of tyres in the house (not including the one round my middle!). What ones would be best for putting on the bike for winter riding: Continental Ultrasport Continental Grandsport Race Schwalbe Durano Are any...
  9. weareHKR

    Tire Change

    Really couldn't get on with the skinny tires, so changed them over to some wider ones, deffo feels better on the slight off-road ride, looks better as well ... :becool:
  10. Sharky

    Studded winter tyres?

    Talking of winter tyres, is anybody aware of studded tyres that come in 28mm widths? I've googled, but they all seem to be in much wider tyres and my Ribble winter/audax frame, just takes 28mm tyres. As a victim to black ice a couple of years ago, it would increase my confidence a tad when the...
  11. Spiderweb

    Recommendations for winter/wet weather tyres.

    I’ve always used Conti Gatorskins year round, great puncture protection but others suggest not great in the wet? I’ve not had that experience but don’t push my luck around corners on wet roads. My friend has just asked for winter/wet weather tyre recommendations for his wife’s Cube Agree, I’m a...
  12. MrGrumpy

    Vittoria Terrano CX tyres

    Anyone run the above on their gravel/CX bike ? Currently running Gravel Kings which to be honest are fine as tubeless. But might swap to something else when these wear out , Plus the terrano look good in the grey and black :-):laugh:
  13. All uphill

    SOLDPair of 26x1 3/8, 590 Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres

    I bought these for a build that went in a different direction. 2 26 x 1 3/8 Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tyres with white/tan sidewalls. Please note these are ISO 37x590 or 650 x 35a, NOT the usual 26" mountain bike tyres. Please check these are what you need. They are still in their packaging as...
  14. L

    Gravel Kings 700 x 43c tyres on Cannondale Topstone RX

    I am looking to max out the tyre width for my Cannondale Topstone. It currently has the stock WTB Riddler 37cs with plenty of room. I'm also aware that Cannondale Topstone have an advertised max tyre width of 40c though they also say that this has loads of additional clearance. But I am always...
  15. Soltydog

    Pair of Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite tyres 700x28

    These came on a bike I recently bought, so unsure of mileage they have covered, but they look in excellent condition, with minimal use, they were just too big to fit with mudguards :sad: Looking for £20 posted
  16. Richard A Thackeray

    Snow Tyres

    Someone's preparing early!!!
  17. Pikey

    OEM Tyres?

    Long story short, after a couple of years off the bike, and several years not riding mtb I treated myself to a nice little hard tail a few months back. Back along several years, the OEM tyres on bikes used to be a bit poo, plus I wanted something a bit quick whilst I built a bit of bike...
  18. G

    New Tyres

    Hi there. One of my friends has acquired a bike and has to buy new tyres. What size of tyres/tubes should he buy? I'm a road cyclist so I don't know! The information from the wall of the tyres: 26 x 1.75 and 26 x 1.95 I don't have any pics - sorry! Thanks in advance
  19. Magpies

    Change wheels or just tyres? Audax bike

    My Spa Ti Audax runs on Rigida Chrina 36h rims / Sapim spokes and Schwalbe Durano 700c x 25 tyres with Shimano 105 hubs. The wheelset weighs in at around 1700 gms front + rear. I use the bike for fast touring - toolkit but no heavy luggage - so a total load of ~75-80kg. I’m looking for...
  20. BigTam

    Maxis MTB tyres (SOLD)

    Maxis Minion DHR II EXO TR and Maxis Rekon 3C EXO TR, both 27.5 x 2.6, with tubes, folding, taken off my new bike, done 2 miles, as new, £60 posted
  21. rivers

    e-bike tyres?

    My wife is looking at getting new tyres for her e-bike for winter as her current tyres aren't particularly grippy in the wet. Should I be looking at e-bike specific tyres for her or can I just point her in the direction of an appropriate sized tyre with good grip and puncture protection?
  22. Prando

    What size tyres ?

    I have decided to change my winter bike (2010 Defy 1) for a gravel bike. I cycle circa 300 miles a month and being the wrong side of 70, speed is now of no relevance. Whilst all my cycling is on ‘tarmac’ it is primarily on country lanes, wherein the quality of road surface is often dreadful...
  23. HobbesOnTour

    Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tyres

    Just thought I'd throw this up here as it may be of use to some. I've read reviews of Mondial tyres having weak sidewalls and my experience confirms this. The pictures attached are of a tyre removed yesterday. There's a distinct pattern of wear on both sides of the sidewall, although it's...
  24. kingrollo

    Tyres and tubes question.

    My ribble CGR came with 28mm ultra sport tyres -Ive had these before when having a new bike. Anyway I have a set of not much used GP4000S in 25mm and was going to swap these over. As I took the tube out it seemed quite large and the markings said Valvert 700 35/45 !!!!!! - I postponed the tyre...
  25. slowmotion

    Do unused tyres go hard with age?

    I found an unused, un-packaged Vittoria Rubino 700x23 that I had forgotten about in the outside shed. It had probably been there for two or three years but judging by the tread, had never been used. I've used a dozen or so Rubinos in the past and have never had a problem fitting them. This...
  26. Adam4868

    Mountain bike tyres.

    Anyone give me a clue of a decent all-round tyre.Only for son's bike so something that will take some abuse so to speak. These any good ? https://www.wiggle.co.uk/continental-tour-ride-city-mtb-tyre
  27. Daninplymouth

    Pumping up tubeless tyres

    Hi, I am now running my first set of tubeless tyres but struggle with topping up the psi. I can top them up but it takes a massive effort most of my 90kg bodyweight on the pump and it’s slow going just had massive resistance at 60-70psi. I Just wondered if that is how they are or if I should be...
  28. S

    Recommendations for kids 26" tyres

    I noticed today that my daughters 26" tyres are starting to perish on the side walls. I'm after something to replace them but not sure quite what to go for. Her bike is used for all sorts. A bit of road on the country lanes round us, a bit of gravel track on the old railway (properly converted...
  29. C

    Tyres to use with Brompton bottle dynamo?

    Howdo, Just looking at a new set of tyres for a late-2005 P6R-X with olde worlde bottle dynamo driven off the rear tyre. Brilliant Bikes helpfully note in their listing for Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16 x 1.35 that they are not suitable for use with the bottle dyno. Therefore could anyone...
  30. Shropshire65LW

    my adventure build continues with . challenges Wheels / Tyres

    well first my riding . i like exploring ,i like seeing new places i like turning down lanes that look interested and i guess ,it could be classed as gravel . maybe ! its certainly not road its certainly not mountain biking to any extreme, but could be trails i had a Trek hybrid it was a bit...
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