1. gelfy666

    Maxxis Ardent 27.5 x 2.25 tyres

    T2 Maxxis tyres, came fitted on my bike but I swapped them for magic Marys. Very good condition no holes or tears. Fitted for about 6 weeks. Collection from Telford area or I will post them if u cover the postage.
  2. rogerzilla

    ALL GONE 27" wheels, 27" tyres etc

    Wheels are 36h Wolber Super Champion rims, not very worn, on Campag Nuovo Tipo hubs. Bearings overhauled with new balls and Phil grease but a bit pitted. They work fine. Set up for 120mm fixed with a 16T Dura-Ace sprocket. 27" tyres are Kenda and unused. Pick up from Swindon. Be quick or...
  3. funk2monk

    Replacement Tyres

    Just obtained a very nice set of 27" x 1 1/4 Campagnolo hub Mavic rimmed wheels. The existing tyres are perished so need replacing. The traditional tan wall 27 x 1 1/4 tyres look huge and not really in keeping with the wheels? Is there a lower profile racing type tyre available as thi would suit...
  4. silva

    Mechanical brakes for wide tyres

    Case 62 mm tyres, so bigger distances to surround with V brakes, any solutions avail for this?
  5. Twilkes

    Tyres and bike/rider load

    Do tyres perform equally under different loads, or should load be taken into account when choosing a tyre? A 65kg racer is a very different prospect to my 95kg plus pannier so I shouldn't expect the same experience as them if I used the same tyres as them, right? I didn't have much luck with...
  6. gbs

    Winter off road tyres for a Genesis Croix de Fer

    I had a very enjoyable half day in the New Forest recently. So, I am thinking of tyres with more tread and width for the cycling trails there. I have no plans for serious offroad adventures but some off road capability would be useful. With mudguards the bike will accept 28mm tyres and...
  7. night cycler

    FREE (S, Yorks) 20" wheels & tyres

    4 tyres 2 Front wheels 3 Rear wheels. I understand one of these rear wheels maybe from a BMX bike as it has an axle that is thicker than the other 4 wheels? Ideal size for making a toe-along cycle cart. Collection only from S6O Rotherham. Just 2 miles from junction 33 of the M1, and 1/4...
  8. meta lon

    No longer available

    As per title perfect wheelset Conti protection trail king and a evo snakeskin Hans Dampf both near new condition 6 bolt disc only, these can be set up tubeless with rim kit. Blade spokes £125 post will be £10
  9. oldcarltonfan

    Is EV 15 Along the Rhine Rideable on 28mm Road Tyres?

    Ladies and Gents of CycleChat. I’m considering riding part of EV15 along the Rhine, probably the section between Strasbourg and Cologne/Koln. I would be lightly loaded with a single pannier on a Van Nicholas Yukon, shod with 28mm GP 4 Season tyres. I after the opinions of anyone who has...
  10. S

    Michelin City Protek Plus tyres - comparable to Marathon?

    I've acquired a pair of these tyres in 700 x 32c size fitted to a couple of hybrid rims. Until I looked closely I actually thought they were Marathons, since they had been on a commuting hack. What I want to know is does anyone on here run these Michelin tyres for commuting or touring, and is...
  11. M

    Gravel Tyres

    I'm having problems navigating the minefield that is gravel tyres. I have been running some Panracer Gravelking 35's for a few months now and they ride great. However, at that size or bigger they only do tubeless compatible tyres and I don't want to run tubeless (maybe one day, but not yet) so...
  12. DCLane

    5 700c tyres - two new, others limited use - £10 - Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    Apparently I have a tyre fetish. And having cleaned out my storage I have far too many tyres. Far, far too many. So, because I like them to match these orphans are available: Schwalbe Blizzard Sport – NEW – black – 23mm Schwalbe Lugano – light use – black – 23mm Schwalbe One – limited mileage...
  13. D

    Trek Alpha - Is it OK to get 25 tyres instead of original 23?

    Apologies if this has been covered but I did not find what I was looking for via a Google search and I'm new so apologies if this in the wrong section. After a maiden ride on my (new to me) second hand Trek Alpha 2.3, I had a quick look at the tyres and could see signs of potential previous...
  14. tom73

    Schwalbe to stop making tubular tyres

    https://www.bikeradar.com/news/schwalbe-tubulars-discontinued/ Costing too much not to they say wonder if other will follow ?
  15. airborneal

    Pair Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Storm Tyres 700 x 25 FOR ONE PAIR

    Pair Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Storm Tyres 700 x 25 New, three sets but don't need all of them £37 posted
  16. G

    Tyres - any good?

    Are these any good? I'm asking because they seem so cheap: https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TYCOXYZGSR/continental-grand-sport-race-700c-wired-tyre
  17. nickAKA

    Sporty, cheap, puncture resistant tyres?

    Yeah I know, it doesn't quite work like that :laugh: For my bike over in Spain which is currently being ridden by the brother in law; I took the semi-knobbly adventure road tyres off in the spring and put 32mm gatorskins on purely for puncture protection. He's hit a cats eye today and managed...
  18. winjim

    Schwalbe Big Apple balloon tyres

    Bike's had an annoying little bump once per wheel rev. Inspected the tyres and there's a bit of an indentation on one. Looks like a defect to me but I've no experience with these massive tyres. Thoughts? Schwalbe Big Apple 60-559
  19. RamoRuon

    Continental Diesel MTB tyres 62-559 / 26" x 2.5 (lightly used) deadstock

    Continental Diesel MTB tyres 62-559 / 26" x 2.5 (lightly used) deadstock Bought these in Winter 2011 for riding in snow. They went on the bike (a disc-spec Subway) but the chainstays were marginally too narrow so rubbed the rear tyre slightly (see pic below where the wear is visible on the...
  20. Kevoffthetee

    26inch touring tyres for mtb

    Hi, Im after some good value for money touring tyres for the mountain bike. I currently have the original 26x2 giant tyres on but me and a mate are cycling 45 miles up to his caravan in Alston and then back the following day. its still a mountain bike so need some nobbles on it but the bike...
  21. ryan_w

    Enve Stem, Wahoo Tickr & Cadence, Dura Ace Discs, Corsa Speed Tyres

    Enve Aero Road Stem 120mm Boxed with all parts K-Edge Computer Mount K-Edge GoPro / light adapter Slight marks on top cap (can buy another for a tenner if precious) Cost me £350 as a set, £220. Collection from Fulham or can post. Cheers, Ryan
  22. Justinitus

    Giant Crosscut Gravel 1 Tubeless Tyres 700x40c - Pair

    These came fitted tubeless to my Revolt Advanced but are a bit too gravel orientated for me, so I swapped them out today for some wide roady slicks. These have a very comfy ride and have puncture protection built in. Less than 20 miles ridden so as new. £30 new each, looking for £35 for the...
  23. Blue Hills

    These vittoria tyres??

    Anyone got any views, particularly with regard to the sidewalls? I ask as I have a pair of very lightly used pair of vittoria randonneurs from the same source. Was very pleased with the ride but one of them cut on the sidewall (tube sticking out) after not a lot of use. Had been used on some...
  24. macp

    Kona Sutra tyre choice help

    Evening folks So from new I have been running Clement X`plor M50 700x40c tyres on WTB 19 rims. The rear is getting pretty bald now so its time to change the pair. I commute almost everyday and im looking for good grip mostly. Any suggestions ? My bike is a 2017 Kona Sutra with full mudguards...
  25. e-rider

    Veloflex Master 25 road tyres Brand New 2x

  26. W

    26" slick tyres for commuting

    I've been running 26x1.5 m+ on my MTB commuter bike, but not impressed with the lack of wet grip. Last week I had a puncture (drawing pin) and (unrelated) sidewall failure on the front which has prompted me to look for a replacement, but the choice in 26" seems quite limited. I'm looking for at...
  27. HumpTdumpty

    Tyres Help ? GT Aggressor Disc 26’

    I’ve just got myself a second hand GT Aggressor 3 Disc braked 26’ MB (I think although I might be wrong see pictures attached) ) it came with a set of “Schwable Marathons” on it - can I upgrade to a bigger “fatter” tyre on this bike without having to change all the components Re clearance etc ...
  28. G

    Puncture Protection Tyres

    Hi there I'm looking for recommendations for the best puncture protection road tyres 700 x 25mm. I have previously used Continental Gatorskin Hardshell tyes which are very good. Any others as a recommendation? Thanks in advance J
  29. cnb

    For Sale..Two Schwalbe Marathon Supreme folding tyres

    Two Schwalbe Marathon Supreme folding tyres...28 x 2.00.../50-622..Still boxed..I bought these tyres for a bike build that never happened..Asking £30+ p&p..or buyer to collect..Sunderland.
  30. B

    32mm tyres

    what tyres do people recommend for touring laden in 32mm prefer good puncture resistant ones have Schwalbe marathon plus on but they are 37mm and want to go down to 32mm
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