1. I

    tubeless ready tyres

    I am due to change tyres on my road bike. My wheels are tubeless ready and the tyres I use are Hutchinson tubeless ready. I am thinking of setting up as tubeless with sealant. I know you need to have different valves but do you need to change the rim tape. My tape is in good condition but there...
  2. le_al_khemista

    700c 28mm - Gravel-ish tyres

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some new tyres and wanted something relatively puncture resistant and grippy that I can use off road (mostly canal paths, some including hard soil and crushed stone) as well as on tarmac. Unfortunately, the maximum tyre clearance I have is 28mm which doesn't leave me...
  3. P

    What size tyres

    I have a bike that has 18 mm internal rim width and 25 mm outside What size tires fit in there best to give a nice aero mate with the outside of the rim I want to run tubeless
  4. C

    Vittoria Corsa Tyres

    Two Vittoria Corsa 700 x 23c tyres. I got these with a pair of wheels. I understood that they had very little use. I did about 1/2 mile and think they are too skinny for me. I cannot see any cuts or damage. There does not seem to be any sign of punctures. The treads are good. £55...
  5. M

    Extra wide tyres

    Hi guys, Is there much difference between an extra wide tyre and the standard size tyres found on most mountain bikes. I bought a Carrera Vendetta bike on the cycle2work scheme back in January, I didn’t realise until I picked it up beginning of Feb, (after recovering from COVID-19) that i had...
  6. M

    Tyres for more off road (e.g. South Downs) terrain and off-road touring

    So - my current bike is a Spez Diverge 2019 with factory stock Espoir Sport tyres (kinda road-y tyres). Very happy with them, they go fairly quick on roads and light gravel. However, anything more than that & it becomes a little hard-going. So I'm toying with the idea of buying spare tyres but...
  7. L

    Have I been pumping up my tyres wrong pressure to date???

    Okay so if its true what I am about to say. Then I will be fuming! So I have always pumped my tyres and then checked firmness by pressing my finger that's how I decided if its enough or not :D So today I pumped it up as per the range on the side of the tyre. I was scared as I never pump it...
  8. philtalksbx

    Tyres for 26 inch vintage road wheels

    My son has picked up a scruffy Raleigh Olympus for an inexpensive (hopefully) resto project. It is generally good, but without tyres fitted and he is struggling to size them. We are getting roundly confused with ISO diameters and by visual comparison concluded that 650B road tyres (584mm ISO)...
  9. otherself

    Any 700c road tyres with orange sidewall?

    Hi cc Looking for some 700c tyres with orange coloured sidewall pref. 25mm width and intermediate weight (250g - 300g) not cheap and heavy but not super expensive either.
  10. P

    2 X 'NEW' Tubeless Giant Gavia AC1 tyres

    Hi all, As per the title I have 2 X Tubeless Giant Gavia AC1 tyres for sale. They are 700x 25c. Seem to get a good write up in reviews. These tyres are removed from my new bike as I have replaced with an old set of summer tyres I had lying around. They have not seen any tarmac and therefore...
  11. stoatsngroats

    Schwalbe Airless tyres...?

    Schwalbe Airless At €84 per tyre, I’m not sure I would be looking at this, even if it were available in the UK, which it currently is not. It does look like an improvement over Tannus, which to be fair I have no personal experience. The Schwalbe looks to be using a similar tyre to standard, so...
  12. gazza81

    Tubeless tyres

    Getting a new bike delivered next week, not ridden in over a year! Thinking of future upgrades and id like to go tubeless but dont really know where to start! Whats a good tire for off rd single track, and look nice! on a budget? Anything else i need? The bike is the vitus nucleus 27 Thanks
  13. DCBassman

    Schwalbe Tyres for 26"/559 wheels that are like Cuty Jets, but are not City Jets

    As they appear to have been discontinued... :( Recommendations, please! I don't need any right now, and there are still loads to be had. But I've nowhere to stash such things, so need ideas for the future. Some good deals around at the minute, too, irritatingly...
  14. Cycleops

    A new inner tube that cost more than most tyres.

    New inner tube from Schwalbe that you can't repair. Step forward or back? https://road.cc/content/review/schwalbe-aerothan-inner-tube-277797
  15. K

    Road tyres for wet conditions

    Hi all any recommendations for road tyres in the wet? Currently using Continental Gatorskin 28mm. I do a mix of general fitness riding and commuting. I recently came off bike - taking roundabout in wet conditions. Probably just going too fast but not sure if there are better tyres for wet...
  16. Cathryn

    How long do tyres last?

    Potentially silly question - apologies if so. My touring bike has Specialised Nimbus Armadillos. I got them in 2008. I must have put 2000 miles on them at least in the following two years but prob a max 1000 in the remaining years as I cycled less and got various other bicycles to add to the...
  17. T4tomo

    32mm road tyres?

    I run a gravel bike on the road for winter as I can fit mudguards, which I can't on my posh bike. 2 sets of wheels so can switch between road and off road tyres easily. I've been running 28mm slicks on it on the road, for a bit more comfort than 25mm. These need replacing soon and I was...
  18. C

    A fully equipped hybrid with balloon tyres?

    Hi I am looking for an equipped hybrid but due to lower back issues I need to supress vibrations from the road and have balloon tyres like Big Apple. Looking for something like Bergamont Vitess but ... at half the cost. Budget up to £550. Any ideas?
  19. Colin_P

    Tyres Feb 2021 - recommendations?

    Another what tyre thread, I know, I know. I'm currently using some Schwalbe Tyrago's (which came fitted to the bike) in a 700x35c size which are coming to the end of their useful life. I've been really happy with them but they seem to be discontinued and no longer available. In the past, on...
  20. G

    Cassettes Wheels & Tyres

    Clearing out some stuff so have for sale... Shimano 10 speed 11-32 cassette, new in box £20 + post SOLD Shimano 8 speed 13-26 cassette & chain, both new in box £25 + post Pair of WTB Exposure 700X30c Tubeless tyres, used for about 80 miles or so, £25 + post 36H Front wheel, DRC ST19 Rim with...
  21. A

    New tyres Raleigh Pursuit Dawes Galaxy: Update

    Decided I need to do something with this bike. It's been in various cellars and sheds for 30 years, when I bought it new but hardly rode it. I have other bikes now but I'd like to recommission it. It needs new tyres but I'm not sure of the modern size. The wheel diameter seems to be 63cm and...
  22. bikingdad90

    Bontranger R3 tyres 700x23

    Hi, My new set of wheels came with a pair of Bontranger R3 slick 700x23 tyres. They are barely worn, plenty of depth left on them. They are tubeless ready so can be run with tubes too. Each tyre new would be around £30 so £60 for the pair so how does £25 plus £5 posted for the pair sound? I...
  23. Mburton1993

    Wheels, Tyres and Mismatching

    I want to replace my front wheel A couple of questions: 1. The one I’ve got my eye on comes with a GP4000s ii 23c, my current tyres are GP4000s ii 28c. If I get this wheel and just use it as is, so 23 on the front 28 on the back, would there be any issues with that?* 2. I may in the future...
  24. B

    25c Tyres - tight clearance

    One for the frame builder's perhaps. I have a Omega steel frame that I purchased second hand. It was originally designed for 23c tyres but the previous owner fitted a carbon front derailleur clamp to get 25c tyres on. I have switched tyres and they offer very near zero clearance on the seat...
  25. A

    Which bike tyres to buy?

    I am looking to buy new road bike tyres since my current ones don't seem to be any good as I have frequent punctures despite only cycling on main road and not cycling off road or in places which you would expect a puncture. The cost doesn't matter too much I just want reliable tyres as the cost...
  26. S

    Advice on replacement tyres

    Hi there, So quite a while ago (back in August!) I was posting about buying myself a Hybrid bike. I ended up with the Carrera Subway 1 and since the weather turned in October I've been struggling with some of the local trails due to mud. Otherwise the bike has taken on everything I've thrown at...
  27. M

    Which tyres

    I have a set of Continental GP 5000's in 28mm and also a set of Continental Grand Prix 4 Season in 25mm. Which tyres do you think would be best for winter riding
  28. A

    Tubular vs Tubeless vs Clincher tyres

    Which tyre do you prefer and why? Which one would you recommend personally?
  29. M

    Winter Tyres

    Can anyone recommend a good set of winter tyres. Want to upgrade so that I try to keep the punctures down
  30. T

    Suggestions for 700x35 tyres

    Almost ready for new tyres on the Genesis Day One. Mostly road but also canal paths, dirt tracks. 700x35 Continental Sport contact II on at moment. They where originals with bike and replaced like for like when worn out. This time may try something different. Recommendations please :rolleyes:
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