1. B

    Smart Sam tyres

    Hi has anyone got or tried Smart Sam tyres your comments are appreciated
  2. GuyBoden

    "Made in China" solid tyres for the Trainer/Rollers this winter.

    I've ordered these "Made in China" solid tyres for the Trainer/Rollers this winter. £8 each in Orange, no punctures! ;) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353188420533? I'll just need to get them on the wheels, which is apparently very difficult and will probably take until spring 2022.:laugh:
  3. Kevin Alexander

    Brand new wheels, cassette and tyres

    Bought wheels to sell the bike but buyer didn’t want them so stuck with them as both my bikes are brand new vision team 35 clincher wheelset Victoria corsa 25mm tyres 11-28 105 cassette £250 plus postage located Edinburgh
  4. Bhitucyclist

    Sick of punctures - what sleek tyres can i get

    Hello friends - i am back for some advice. I have michellin pro 4 tyres fitted in 2019. Did a fair bit of cycling 2019 and 2020. This year i am facing frequent punctures. I am cycling 200 to 400 km per month. Is it time to get new tyres. I am bit sick of changing tubes every other month. What...
  5. Corsica_13

    Gravel / Off Road Tyres on Hybrid Bike (700x28c) - Recommendations Please?

    Hello everyone, I bought my first Hybrid bike about 1 year ago, after about 10+ years of not having a bike. I've been really enjoying owning and riding mainly on the road, here's the wheel and tyre size it came with: After some reading and watching YouTube videos, I'm beginning to...
  6. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner Tyres

    I’m struggling to see the tyre size due to the walls which have all but crumbled away 😂 I think I can see 700 x 28 but not sure Can anyone confirm. Frame size is23.5”
  7. keithmac

    Tannus Tyres?.

    I saw an advert today for Tannus airless tyres. Has anyone tried them?, what's the ride like?. Just thinking if they are a pretty good product it would be ideal for the back of my ebike. https://tannus.co.uk/
  8. Tom B

    Recommend me a Rim 700x32h for 28 Tyres

    Hi Guys I think I have overthought myself into a mental block / stalemate. I need a replacement rim for my hybrid "commuter bike" front wheel. I current have the bog standard Alex Rims R450 on the front. It has had a hard life and needs replacing - The worn out hub is forcing a rebuild so it...
  9. huggybear0

    Fitting Tyres on MTB

    So I finally got the tyre on the rim although it was tight now I cannot get the tyre to fit on the edge of the rim and when I blow up the Inner tube that has presta valves It just looses air. Has anyone got any tips how to get the edge of the tyre out of the centre of the wheel onto the edge of...
  10. alicat

    Tyres sizes - just checking that the tyre that has been fitted is okay

    Hi folks I ordered a tyre size 215/50R17 91W. I have noticed that what has been fitted is 215/50R17 95W. Am I right to assume that since 95W is higher than 91W it is better so there is nothing to worry about? Thanks for any input.
  11. Smokin Joe

    29er Tyres

    So what are they like to remove and refit in general (I know it varies with tyre to tyre), piece of cake or a ball ache?
  12. Cathryn

    New tyres

    I've mentioned this before but it's now definitely time to get some new tyres for my tourer. I currently have Specialized Nimbus Armadillos and I haven't had a puncture in 12 years and thousands of miles. Those are the kind of stats I'm looking to replicate. Do I get more of the same or is there...
  13. taximan

    Difficulty fitting tyres

    I have been trying to fit a pair of Schwabe Active tires to a pair of 27 x 1 1/4 wheels that I have just had rebuilt and they are without doubt the tightest fit I have ever encountered. It took me almost a full hour to fit the first one and in doing so, I managed to nip the tube and had to...
  14. W

    What size of tyres do you use on your commute and how is the comfort

    What size of tyres do you use on your commute and how is the comfort
  15. G


    Hi there At the moment, I have Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Slick tyres on my bike, however I think they need changed. I've been buying tyres whenever they are on sale and have a choice to change these tyres to the following: Continental Ultrasport, Schwalbe Durano or Continental Grandsport Race...
  16. Chris S

    Fake Schwalbe tyres?

    I saw a bike on Gumtree that had been fitted with Schwalbe 590mm tyres. The equivalent imperial size is 1 1/2" yet these have 1 3/8 on the sidewall. An established company such as Schwalbe should know the correct imperial size. Is it possible that these tyres are counterfeit copies?
  17. Lovacott

    Tyres. What Kind Of Grip Do Which Tyres Give? What's The Best All Round 700x40?

    On my commute, I cover a mix of surfaces ranging from sealed A road to gravel farm track. I've mostly been doing the commute on a hard tail MTB with 27.5 x 2.10 knobbly tyres. They are great on all surfaces apart from on loose gravel bends where they tend to slip sideways a bit. For the last...
  18. HumpTdumpty

    Lockdown Wheels & tyres !

    So I’m cycling home from my evening “sundowner cycle” a couple of streets away there’s rubbish leaning against the front wall of this house for the tat man/rag & bone man (steptoe & son) - anyway you know the rest the frame, gearing Chain set etc knackered but I thought those wheels / tyres look...
  19. D

    Tubular tyres

    How easy are they to mount and are they any good for general cycling?
  20. N

    New bike... but what tyres should I get? 700x35mm (ish)

    Hi everyone, So 'new bike day' came and went a couple of weeks ago. I was sick of replacing parts on my road bike due to commuting on it in all weather, so I found a nice Genesis Day One on ebay and went and picked it up. Its steel framed with drop bars, disc brakes, full mudguards and a Nexus...
  21. I

    tubeless ready tyres

    I am due to change tyres on my road bike. My wheels are tubeless ready and the tyres I use are Hutchinson tubeless ready. I am thinking of setting up as tubeless with sealant. I know you need to have different valves but do you need to change the rim tape. My tape is in good condition but there...
  22. le_al_khemista

    700c 28mm - Gravel-ish tyres

    Hi all, I'm looking to get some new tyres and wanted something relatively puncture resistant and grippy that I can use off road (mostly canal paths, some including hard soil and crushed stone) as well as on tarmac. Unfortunately, the maximum tyre clearance I have is 28mm which doesn't leave me...
  23. P

    What size tyres

    I have a bike that has 18 mm internal rim width and 25 mm outside What size tires fit in there best to give a nice aero mate with the outside of the rim I want to run tubeless
  24. C

    Vittoria Corsa Tyres

    Two Vittoria Corsa 700 x 23c tyres. I got these with a pair of wheels. I understood that they had very little use. I did about 1/2 mile and think they are too skinny for me. I cannot see any cuts or damage. There does not seem to be any sign of punctures. The treads are good. £55...
  25. M

    Extra wide tyres

    Hi guys, Is there much difference between an extra wide tyre and the standard size tyres found on most mountain bikes. I bought a Carrera Vendetta bike on the cycle2work scheme back in January, I didn’t realise until I picked it up beginning of Feb, (after recovering from COVID-19) that i had...
  26. M

    Tyres for more off road (e.g. South Downs) terrain and off-road touring

    So - my current bike is a Spez Diverge 2019 with factory stock Espoir Sport tyres (kinda road-y tyres). Very happy with them, they go fairly quick on roads and light gravel. However, anything more than that & it becomes a little hard-going. So I'm toying with the idea of buying spare tyres but...
  27. L

    Have I been pumping up my tyres wrong pressure to date???

    Okay so if its true what I am about to say. Then I will be fuming! So I have always pumped my tyres and then checked firmness by pressing my finger that's how I decided if its enough or not :D So today I pumped it up as per the range on the side of the tyre. I was scared as I never pump it...
  28. philtalksbx

    Tyres for 26 inch vintage road wheels

    My son has picked up a scruffy Raleigh Olympus for an inexpensive (hopefully) resto project. It is generally good, but without tyres fitted and he is struggling to size them. We are getting roundly confused with ISO diameters and by visual comparison concluded that 650B road tyres (584mm ISO)...
  29. otherself

    Any 700c road tyres with orange sidewall?

    Hi cc Looking for some 700c tyres with orange coloured sidewall pref. 25mm width and intermediate weight (250g - 300g) not cheap and heavy but not super expensive either.
  30. P

    2 X 'NEW' Tubeless Giant Gavia AC1 tyres

    Hi all, As per the title I have 2 X Tubeless Giant Gavia AC1 tyres for sale. They are 700x 25c. Seem to get a good write up in reviews. These tyres are removed from my new bike as I have replaced with an old set of summer tyres I had lying around. They have not seen any tarmac and therefore...
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