1. Pompeywidow

    Tyres - Halfords freewheeler 1983

    So I changed the tyres on my daughters bike I know I’ve got some fiddling to do to sort the gears out but she’s saying it’s hard to get going? I’m hoping I’ve just over tightened the nuts........ My question is , is there a right or wrong way to put the front tyre back on? There’s no...
  2. Spiderweb

    Help with finding tyres & tubes.

    My friend has sent me some images of a bike she is fixing up to sell. It looks like an old children’s racing bike. Could anyone help with finding correct replacement tyres and tubes, a link would be great. Markings on the tyre say 25-541/540 Hutchinson HP25. The tyre is also marked 600 A 24” The...
  3. Tripster

    Tubeless Tyres, when to maintain

    I have tubeless tyres on my Whyte 905 with Stans No tube sealant in. Probably topped up a 3 or 4 times in last couple of years (dont do massive miles on it) and had no problems but wondered when to remove, clean out & replace sealant etc. or if it needs doing Ta
  4. G

    Saddles, Seatpost, Brakes,Chain set, Tyres, Tools & Forks

    Need to get rid of some stuff lying around..Collection from Glasgow or can meet locally. Willing to post at buyers expense (except chainset, Cranks & Frame tool, as they are heavy/bulky) Kinesis Freedom Saddle used £10 Supra Saddle- Unused £10 Giant Contact Neutral saddle, Removed from new...
  5. N

    New tyres

    HI all Toying with the idea of changing the 25mm tyres on my endurance road bike to 28mm, anyone got any recommendations or should i stay on 25's. Cheers
  6. BoldonLad

    EasyRide "tubeless" Tyres.

    In late 2019, I purchased a Giant Escape 0, with EasyRide "tubeless" tyres, fitted as standard. Since then, I have been happily riding around with a tubeless puncture repair kit, and, just in case, a spare inner tube, plus pump of course. Today, disaster struck, a puncture. which was too large...
  7. MarkF

    Recommend me some tyres please.

    I was going to use the Dawes Clubman that I bought from @biggs682 to do a Spain tour with my daughter, we should be out there now.........it's just been sat unloved at the bike of the garage. :sad: Having gone bike buying crackers this month, a Merida Cyclocross & a Revolution Hybrid in and a...
  8. jamin100

    Vision Team 35 Wheelset / GP4000sII & Schwalbe One Tyres

    Vision Team 35 clincher rim brake wheelset. Not had much use as they were on a bike for about 8 months until the were swapped out. Come with QR Skewers These are collection only from south Birmingham (B62) £160 1 x used pair of continental GP4000sII tyres 25c. One tyre has a small pea...
  9. PHL67

    Looking for tyres !

    Looking for some Maxxis Locust 24” cyclocross tyres. metric size is 520. bike is a Hoy locust and 6 yr old waiting to go out training. anyone with info let me know please. new or used. many thanks.
  10. A

    For sale: Wheelset - Giant SL-0 Disc (2015) inc GP4000 tyres

    Changed my wheels so my old ones are up for grabs... Genuinely good & straight wheels, recently serviced hub (I even bought the proper DT swiss grease!). Including GP4000 tyres (approx 200 miles use). Minor marks on the wheels, bit of flaking on the hub. Big pictures available here £250...
  11. E

    Touring tyres

    I realize it has been discussed many times already, but.... So what's the forums go to fast touring tyre in 35-40mm, no marathon please? Fast, puncture proof, hard wearing, easy to handle, cheap? I have some cheapo vittoria revolution, which are almost all of these apart from fast
  12. R

    Old Tyres

    Don't know if this has been covered, apologies if so and bin this. Was reading somewhere the other day that bike tyres and tubes are to be disposed of like you currently do car tyres, i.e. that they will have to be taken to a recycling place. I realise though that it is a lot easier to get an...
  13. Twilkes

    Any success glue-repairing tyres?

    I tried superglue/gorilla glue and thought it was working but just inspected and it has now come out of all the nicks I thought I had filled with it! Is there a more flexible glue that works better, or even some fine filler material that can be glued in the gaps? Edit - or will I have more...
  14. G

    Slick tyres for Hybrid bike recommendations?

    Thought I'd do a bit of a pimp my ride for my long suffering Carrera Subway. The rims are stock and a bit wonky, the tyres are okay but something with really low rolling resistance would be much more fun. Any thoughts on upgrades for both? The current tyres are 26 - 1.6. Would I be able to get...
  15. davidphilips

    Not many tyres on sale at present but these seem to be really great

    Free delivery if spending over £20? https://www.merlincycles.com/schwalbe-one-v-guard-evolution-road-folding-tyre-700c-100494.html#:~:text=Schwalbe%20ONE.,terms%20of%20quality%20and%20performance.
  16. plastic_cyclist

    Upgrading to slicker tyres

    Rather than go all out and purchase a second bike, I would like to invest in some proper thinner road tyres for my Tricross Sport. How do you decipher which tyres to buy? Sizes and inner tunes etc..? Can you put them on the existing wheels? Any recommendations on brand ? Cheers P_C
  17. MonsterEnergy

    Slime and new tyres

    already have sime in my wheels, but i am needing new tyres but cause i already have slime put into it, would that mean i would have to get a whole new wheel or not?
  18. Venod

    WTB Tyres, good result.

    Having sold a bike of course I had to replace it with another one, I bought a new 2019 Cannondale Synapse from Pauls Cycles, there was a bit of a delay on delivery as they were overwhelmed by orders. It came with WTB Exposure Tan Wall tyres set up with tubes, but both rims and tyres are...
  19. J

    Hybrid bike - 26x1.95 Which tyres for road / trail?

    Hi, I have a carrera subway (Hybrid) that is currently kitted out with Kenda K841 Komfort tyres. I tend to ride mainly on roads, tarmaced lanes, and ocassionally across a path though a field or trail. Can anyone recommend what tyre to go for. I have 26 wheels, does the replacement need to be...
  20. BurningLegs

    29" MTB tyres - £10 each/£15 the pair - collection in Eastleigh, Hampshire

    I have a Specialized Purgatory and Continental Mountain King, both 29" x 2.2" available for £10 each or £15 for the pair. Collection in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Plenty of tread/wear remaining in these, I just don't have a 29er MTB at the moment so don't need these.
  21. S

    Tyres - advice.

    I'm going to be using my Dawes Fox to commute to work these fine summer weeks, but I need to replace the tyres. The route is a twelve miler part urban, mostly rural with the obvious danger of the usual detrius on roads / cyclepaths. My regular bike; a GT Outpost is shod with Marathon Plus, as I...
  22. Dave7

    Vittoria Zaffiro 32 tyres. Any thoughts?

    For years I went with Gatorskins and was happy with them. The new bike came with Vittoria Zaffiro. I confess they are a new name to me. Not done many rides on it for numerous reasons but haven't noticed and problems ie they seem smooth and I am not struggling. Just wondered what the more...
  23. D


    I have RSP AD3.0 wheels on my raleigh mustang elite with 36mm wide tubeless tyres. Is it possible to reduce tyre width to 32mm or 28mm? Thanks guys.
  24. Joffey

    Wiggle tyres supply issues?

    On a lovely little ride and my tyre gave up the ghost. Thankfully I wasn't going fast etc... But what did shock me today was when looking at tyres on Wiggle there isn't much stock... even less choice when you look at tubes. Are they all made in China or something and there is supply problems?
  25. SpokeyDokey

    Tyres - lifespan.

    Are cycle tyres the same as car tyres ie having a finite lifespan irrespective of wear? I have some Marathon Deluxe (lightweight tyres only available in certain markets) that are around 5 or 6 years old with very few miles on them that I am thinking of giving away to a neighbour. Just wanting...
  26. wafter

    26" MTB Tyres, Oxford (OX2) *NOW GONE*

    These were kindly donated to me (along with some others) by another forum member, but I've taken what I need and have no use for these. We have the following: - Michelin Wildgripper PR Rear, 26x2.1" / 47-559 - Maxxis Summotorother 26x2.1" / 47-559 - Unbranded 26x2.1" All are wire-beaded and...
  27. nickg

    Tyres and tubes

    Morning everybody. I'm looking for tyres and tubes for my mavic ksyrium wheel set. These currently.dont have anything fitted to them and I will probably only use these during the summer months. I also need a few spare tubes. Where is best place to purchase? I've been looking at wiggle so far...
  28. wafter

    Recommendations for 700x38c ish touring / gravel tyres please..

    Having now covered about 200 miles on my new CdF I'm thinking maybe I was a little too generous to the WTB Riddlers it came with. Perhaps unsurprisingly since they've been used a lot on the road, I've found noticeable wear to the tread already (again, unsurprisingly especially on the rear)...
  29. Richard A Thackeray

    Change Of Tyres? (Poll)

    Received 2 new Schwalbe Marathon ('28' as the 'reflex') today, the box was in kitchen when l got home at 16:00 They'll be going on my CGR Should l... 1. Wear out the presently fitted Schwalbe Durano's ('28') & save the Marathons for autumn 2. As l spend a reasonable amount of time on...
  30. chriscross1966

    Turbo trainer tyres

    Hi folks, with my boundless sense of timing I acquired an old steel Bianchi a few weeks ago, planning on upgrading during the summer as well as getting some rides in, then a repaint over winter.... well... the long rides are out... anyway I fitted a set of Vittoria Corsa Graphene tanwalls within...
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