1. Velochris


    Collection only as I don't want to send a container with sealant in it. If there is money for old rope..... I tried tubeless a couple of years ago. Quite liked the ride but when trying to put different tyres on released I did not want to have to put an inner tube in at the roadside in an...
  2. Kernow_T

    MTB and Road tyres plus odds/sods clear out

    Bits to be added in due course and pics to follow All prices include standard postage (any additional fees - signed for, PayPal etc - to be covered by buyer) 2 x Conti Gransport Race 700x25 - great reviews. one barely worn 9/10 condition and central mold line still visible, other slightly more...
  3. netman

    SOLD: Two Vittoria Gato 29 x 1.9 Tyres & Four Michelin Inner Tubes (29x1.9-2.4)

    Bought these when I had a 29er, but have since sold that bike so these are surplus to requirements! Brand new never used. £40 posted sound fair? Now sold
  4. D

    SOLD: Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL UST wheels and tyres

    Hi folks! Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST wheelset with tyres. Thanks for looking at my advert, these wheels are immaculate with light usage marks only, tyres are Mavic UST with lots of life in them They’ll come with Swissstop Pro Carbon brake pads that I used with them. These are beautiful...
  5. TTSS

    Continental Double Fighter II 26 x 1.9 tyres (pair) Newer version, New & unused.

    1. Unused pair of Continental Double Fighter II tyres. 26 x 1.9 Cash on collection only from the GL2 area of Gloucester. I will not post them. £25.
  6. Spartak

    26“ Tan wall Gravel Tyres

    Does anyone have or know of any 26 inch Tan wall Gravel treaded tyres for sale. n+1 maybe difficult to negotiate at the moment so if I could make my mtb more gravel friendly it would help. Thanks in advance for any help... 👍
  7. gareth01244

    Now sold thanks 2 continental gp4000 25mm tyres

    I have just sold a set of wheels and now have the tyres left over as now running tubeless. They are in great condition with lots of life left in them. Only used on my best bike during the summer. I will put up some photos tomorrow but in the meanwhile hear is a pic from the wheelset sale...
  8. K

    Pair of Maxxis Razzo 700 x 35 m gravel tyres

    One ride old,as new, very lightweight and very fast rolling. Decided I need something with a bit more tread and a little wider for the riding I do but as a mixed road/ light trail tyre these are perfect. £28 the pair posted
  9. fraz101

    700 x 25/28 TR tyres

    Looking to see if anyone has a decent pair of tubeless tyres they no longer need or use.
  10. rivers

    Wanted: 26 x 2.3" MTB tyres

    As above, 26" x 2.3" (or thereabouts) MTB tyres. Can be used as long as there is some life left in them
  11. Twilkes

    NOW £30 - 2x Michelin Pro4 Endurance 25mm road tyres - brand new

    Never ridden, mounted on rims twice, sworn at multiple times. Great tyres that I used on previous road bikes without problem, they went on easily just with thumbs; but new bike has tubeless ready rims and these tyres just don't want to play nicely, so I'm reluctantly having to switch to...
  12. robgul

    SOLD Vittoria Terreno Zero - gravel bike tyres. Brand new.

    Vittoria Terreno Zero - tubeless ready - Graphene 2.0 - 38 x 700c Brand new gravel bike tyres, a pair fitted to wheels but have not been on the road - they were fitted to a new bike but I swapped them for a pair of Schwalbe Marathons being my preferred touring tyre. Current retail from several...
  13. D

    SOLD Mavic Ksyrium Elite UST wheels and tyres 700-25 tubeless

    Hi Folks Clearing out some bits after a few upgrades! https://road.cc/content/review/246667-mavic-ksyrium-elite-ust-wheelset These came off of my good summer bike, tyres are nearly new with the centre casting mark still present, no punctures, are properly set up tubeless with sealant therein...
  14. MDA 998

    700c 32 tyres what tubes please

    Just upgrading my Roubaix to 700c 32 from 28, Can i still use my Conti 700/28 tubes or do i have to replace with wider please
  15. Blue Hills

    sealing cut tyres?

    Am sure must have been asked before, but: is there anything you can put in cuts in tyres which will reliably fill a cut - and stay there? I don't mean small cuts so much - too much bother to fuss with those - I just check my tyres regularly and dig out any bits that may have lodged there. But...
  16. FrothNinja

    1930s Hercules tyres size question

    Just about to hit the hay but I will leave a question. Having got the bottom bracket spinning beautifully on my recently acquired project 1930's Hercules Ladies bike, my thoughts turn to the tyres & tubes. The ones on the rims are like solidified lava and no detail is readable on them. I...
  17. Salad Dodger

    Failed car tyres

    I have just returned from a holiday in Devon. A round trip of nearly 600 miles which I drove on motorways and A roads. There seemed to be loads of "failed" car tyres in the Hedges. The treaded section of tyres but without any sidewalls. I can't remember ever seeing these on the verge on past...
  18. G

    Airless/solid tyres...

    Am getting bit fed up of rear punctures recently, 3 in 3 months, the last one yesterday had me doing a tyre change in the grass on the side of an unlit B road with cars doing 60mph going past.....and I was late for afterschool pick up. The rear tyre is wearing so that may be a reason for...
  19. M

    Winter Tyres

    What would be best for me for winter riding Continental Grand Prix 4 season in 28mm or Continental GP 5000 in 32mm
  20. A

    Tyres again. Leaves, road, mud on Hybrid

    Hi all, after coming a cropper recently on my Big Ben Plus, i need something that is good for a commute, mix of canal towpath (often very muddy), tarmac, and also slippy wet leaves covered tarmac. This is basically what my average daily ride is. There area LOT of leaves as i often ride through a...
  21. roadrash

    tight tyres

    tightest tyres i have ever had, pulled out the daytona that i got from @DCLane earlier in the year , cleaned it up , its come up quite well, decided to fit new tubes, f3ck me, i have never until today pinched a tube when fitting the tyre, generic 26 x 13/8, got a sweat on and made up several...
  22. C

    Tubeless tyres

    I don't have one of the large volume pumps, but I do have two tubeless tyres that need changing on my off-road bike. Does it work to inflate them quickly with a Co2 cylinder, then wait a while while the tyre warms up again?
  23. biggs682

    Anybody using Fincci tyres ?

    Been looking at some new tyres for a couple of my bikes and stumbled across Fincci branded tyre's and I have never heard of them . Any cycle chat members using them ? https://www.fincci.bike/shop/tyres/
  24. kingrollo

    Downside of Big Tyres ?

    Mildly terrifying yesterday. On a steep but straight and fast descent doing around 30mph if not more - it was raining so my visibility wasn't great however this was my regular route home I know this road really well. I hit either a pothole or a stone - fearing what could happen next I started...
  25. B

    Smart Sam tyres

    Hi has anyone got or tried Smart Sam tyres your comments are appreciated
  26. GuyBoden

    "Made in China" solid tyres for the Trainer/Rollers this winter.

    I've ordered these "Made in China" solid tyres for the Trainer/Rollers this winter. £8 each in Orange, no punctures! ;) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353188420533? I'll just need to get them on the wheels, which is apparently very difficult and will probably take until spring 2022.:laugh:
  27. Kevin Alexander

    Brand new wheels, cassette and tyres

    Bought wheels to sell the bike but buyer didn’t want them so stuck with them as both my bikes are brand new vision team 35 clincher wheelset Victoria corsa 25mm tyres 11-28 105 cassette £250 plus postage located Edinburgh
  28. Bhitucyclist

    Sick of punctures - what sleek tyres can i get

    Hello friends - i am back for some advice. I have michellin pro 4 tyres fitted in 2019. Did a fair bit of cycling 2019 and 2020. This year i am facing frequent punctures. I am cycling 200 to 400 km per month. Is it time to get new tyres. I am bit sick of changing tubes every other month. What...
  29. Corsica_13

    Gravel / Off Road Tyres on Hybrid Bike (700x28c) - Recommendations Please?

    Hello everyone, I bought my first Hybrid bike about 1 year ago, after about 10+ years of not having a bike. I've been really enjoying owning and riding mainly on the road, here's the wheel and tyre size it came with: After some reading and watching YouTube videos, I'm beginning to...
  30. Pedal pusher

    Raleigh Winner Tyres

    I’m struggling to see the tyre size due to the walls which have all but crumbled away 😂 I think I can see 700 x 28 but not sure Can anyone confirm. Frame size is23.5”
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