2nd ed. of the Golden Flandrien, your ultimate cycling marathon on 25th of May 2008.

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    The Golden Flandrien - De Gouden Flandrien (Oudenaarde, Belgium) = the ultimate cycling marathon on 25th of May 2008.
    Sunday the 25th of May, they organize the second edition of the Golden Flandrien. The Golden Flandrien is more than a 250 km cycling trip with 25 slopes and 25 km of cobbled roads. It is even harder than the real Tour of Flanders!

    The track of this very difficult cycling marathon is entirely in the Flemish Ardennes and uses the three loops of the most important Tour of Flanders slopes and cobbled roads.

    Be prepared! Only half of the participants of the first edition finished last year. Four feed zones and a lot of technical assistance will help the participants to finish this trial.

    There are however two shorter tracks for those who are still doubting. Together with the Golden Flandrien, they organize the Silver and the Bronze Flandrien.

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