40+ yr comeback

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by verticaldropout, 17 Apr 2010.

  1. Hi I'm Ray and I'm been riding now for 3yrs after a long time away. I ride (road) solo when I can get out (work) and due to recent experiences it will probably stay that way.

    I went to a Club Hill Climb some time ago with a view to riding back with the members and discuss my joining. It was a club I was a member of back in the 60's. I was dropped up a fairly steep climb not long into the ride (I allowed my HM to frighten me) but although they were aware I was only 100 yards behind for many miles with another member I was surprised that they didn't seem interested in us getting back on.
    I am fairly sure there was an understanding back in the old days that you always "got your companions home" and I remember vividly pushing riders from beginners to 1st cats for miles. I'm not talking about training or a chain gang just a Sunday ride.

    I can't see any benefit in joining such a group and now sadly prefer the company of a MP3, riding when and where I choose.
  2. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Hi Ray. Get yourself out on some CycleChat forum rides! Every one that I've been on works on the principle of wait-for-the-slowest, especially at the top of hills.

    Also, check out Northampton CTC - they won't ride off and leave you!
  3. lukesdad

    lukesdad Guest

    Not good that. On sunday club rides its wait for everybody,at ours, Usually means doing a few hills more than once, but who cares. Its a social every other Sunday. If we want to train we do the forementioned above. No wonder half the social cyclists think we re prats, with knobs like that.:thumbsup:
  4. Norm

    Norm Guest

    My concern about being left like that (or holding up others like that) is why I've only ever ridden alone or with a good friend.
  5. bauldbairn

    bauldbairn New Member

    Hello and Welcome to CC. :smile:
  6. JAC

    JAC Active Member

    Hi Ray and welcome from a fellow new boy.Returned to cycling some eighteen months ago and could not believe the attitude of most cyclists on the road.If there is a group in the Huddersfield area who actually enjoy riding out in a group / supporting those who are still getting up to speed in terms of fitness and experience - count me in
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