4mm gear cable housing.

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by compo, 5 Aug 2014.

  1. compo

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    I have recently built up Bitsa, my MTB, so called because it is built up from bitsa this and bitsa that. I used Jagwire gear cable housing for the final loop to the rear mech, but having a few feet left over I also used it at the handlebar end, on both shifters. It all works perfectly except that the steering feels a little like when the headset bearings are too tight, which they definitely aren't. I am wondering if the cabling, which feels very rigid compared to normal 5 mm spirally wound, is having this effect. The cable routing round the headset isn't tight and the curves are quite gentle.

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  2. raleighnut

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    Nah Its knackered bearings/races, bet they feel a bit threppeny bit ish (notorious on Raleigh headsets, I think they use cheese)
  3. migrantwing

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    Are the lengths slightly short? The rule of thumb is to have enough cable length to allow a full turn of the handlebars so that they touch the top tube (45 degrees). I cut my cables shorter than that, maybe by half as I have never and will never need to turn my bars 45 degrees, but it makes it feel like the headset bearings are tight/worn if I do turn the bars any more than a certain amount.
  4. OP

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    Thanks to @raleighnut and @migrantwing, and I will take on board what you both say. The headset was second hand out of my spares box, but there was not a mark on the bearing tracks so I assumed it OK. Just to be 100% sure I have ordered a new headset. Should that not sort it I will re-cable things. The bike has cost me next to nothing so far so I don't begrudge a few quid on it!
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  5. migrantwing

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    On a second look, it seems that the cable lengths are long enough (as you've mentioned) so as @raleighnut says, it may be the headset bearings, but if you've bought a replacement all should be good. Best o' luck and let us know :smile:
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  6. GrasB

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    Only cable I've found that causes problems with steering resistance is goodridge braided cable. It's seriously stiff stuff. You can actually form it to shape in free air & it'll stay like that for weeks!
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