5 months of riding.....

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Well its been 5 months of riding doing around 100+ a week and today i got my first complaint about my road position.
Interesting event, never had it before and didn't know how to react. So they just got hand up WTF is your problem.

White van man... well half white van man.

Some interesting drivers.

Dan out!


Flouncing Nobber
Just ignore them. Dont let a chump spoil a nice ride.
Cycling Dan

Cycling Dan

Cycle Crazy
Just ignore them. Dont let a chump spoil a nice ride.
i didn't even do anything to hold them up so im guessing the guy was just a all round dick. Was going to say something if i caught up at the next lights about 200m away but he turned off the road.... He didn't spoil anything still had fun. Just a interesting event because ive never had it happen before and most people i know don't get a issue from drivers. North east for you.... we just get on with life ha.


All my ride today was fine,but within a mile of home I got two separate women's force there way past me in a gap that didn't exist

Since they then got stuck at the lights I'm not sure what their aim was


North Carolina
I just got back from a ride, the first car I have to deal with is an idiot. I was on the outside of the lane going slow enough to let them pass but the car starts to pace me, nothing around but the car and my bike, about 100 more yards is an intersection, I am going straight and the car is turning, about 20 yards from the turn the driver decides to make a pass but it is too late. They get on the horn and I flip them off and go straight thru and they make their turn behind me.

Passing me and cutting me off would have probably saved them a grand total of about .5 seconds. I think a lot of drivers are doing a lot of daydreaming while they drive and really are not thinking about what they are doing at all. This was the first time I have had to deal with morons in a while...besides the ususal teenage ones.
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