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  1. blindmanpugh

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    hi all, after returning to cycling after a **year lay off i dusted down the bike only to discover that the rear cassette (It is an old shimano 105 6 speed) is erm.... broken.

    i then remembered I had a spare set of wheels and fitted them. unfortunately it is a close ratio cog and anyone who says there aren't any hills in Norfolk is not telling the truth :wacko:. Which means that I need a standard cassette. erm one that has a lower gearing

    Now i have tried the local cycle shops, tried the ones on line and 6 speed cassettes are rarer than hens teeth.

    Does anyone have any ideas where i might be able to get one from, as i am now at a loss as to what to do. The local shops have all suggested that i get a "yes you guessed it!" new bike, but i am rather fond of my old 531 tubed racer that i completed lots and lots of happy miles on and hopefully will be able to change the cassette and cycle the 12 miles to work sooner rather than later. (Well i will cycle to work once I have got fit again! - Honest Guv)

    thanking you in advance for any help or suggestions :ohmy:
  2. 4F

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    Hi there and welcome. I am running a 6 speed cassette on my 1980's Dawes and a quick look on e bay. This any good ?

  3. Jeez. You'll be lucky. God knows where you'll find one of them. Perhaps your best option is a new rear wheel with screw on freewheel. I know it seems a step in the wrong direction but six speed freewheels are still widely available, as are the wheels.
  4. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Guru


    try here


    sorry just realised the links to a blank page - guess they sold the last ones :wacko:

    your other option would be to fit new sti levers and go 9 speed (assuming the wheel would take them this I don't know). 9 speed shifters can be had pretty cheap.

    Indeed a quick search has proved fruitless - best I found was 7 speed. I'd put 9 speed or 10 speed levers on the bike if I were you, or trawl through e-bay or post an ad on the classified section here.

    Good luck!
  5. Won't take, different spline shape, different cassette width, different OLND, different chain width, different chainring spacing and width.
  6. fossyant

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    South Manchester
    6 speed cassette, not freewheel.

    Your problem is that most sprocket sets are Hypergilde, and they have one fat spline and it won't fit a UG (uniglide) cassette hub. 6,7,8 speeds all use the same sprockets, although 6 speed will use a slightly wider spacer.

    Your option is either hunt high or low for a UG cassette (6,7,8 speeds) and re-use the 6 speed spacers/smallest locking sprocket, or butcher a HG sprocket set and file the extra wide spline tooth on each sprocket...and again re-use the locking sprocket as HG cassettes use a lock ring that won't fit. The second option is hard work.

    Try ebay, and US sites.

    May be time for a wheel upgrade - a reason I did two sets of wheels this year as UG sprockets are hard to get - I did get some New OLD Stock stuff from the US via ebay....
  7. OP

    blindmanpugh Active Member

    Thanks for the info

    Hi guys thank you for all your help. However, I think there may be now a solution in the offing. (One admittedly, that was mentioned in my first post.) Got to work this morning and there was "Join the Cycle2Work scheme", by email. Read through it, and can't seem to find a problem with it. It would seem that i can buy a bike for approximately 2/3 of the cost, and spread over 18 months. So i think i have no other option than to go ahead and buy a new bike.

    The first problem is that the company i work for only deal with Halfords. However, the lady on the phone at Halfords said that they can supply any make of bike, so we will have to see how that goes. The really big problem now - is which one to get? :biggrin:
  8. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    Good solution - you can never have enough bikes.... although fix the current one and buy a new one is the correct answer !!!
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