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Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by iLB, 6 Feb 2018.

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    Not on my Litespeed....
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    Hi iLB,

    I know that you mentioned above that you think there will be a future 650b bike from Fairlight but when reading their website I think that the Faran frame would already be suitable for 650b wheels.

    In the website design notes ( https://fairlightcycles.com/faran-concept-design-notes/?v=7516fd43adaa ) it says:-

    "The other tyre (&wheel) size consideration was the 650×47 road plus standard, the logic being that a 650b wheel with a 47 tyre has the same overall diameter as a standard 700c road wheel with a 28-30 tyre. This is a great solution for adding further versatility to a bike of this nature so I wanted to make sure the Faran would be compatible with this standard."​

    I know that the stock options on their website come with 700c wheels but if you were interested in a Faran you could always ask Swift Cycles ( https://www.swiftcycles.co.uk/ ) about compatibility with 650b wheels and if you bought a frame from them maybe they could build you up a bike with 650b wheels.

    Good luck with your decision making between bikes.

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    Hi iLB,

    If you've not yet made your mind up then further to one of your earlier messages you were correct about Fairlight releasing a new bike.

    You can see some early info here with photos of the bike in its raw unpainted state here but with further info on the bike and builds is to follow in April I think.


    Just recently I've been considering a Kona Rove as my next bike purchase but I'd rather have one of the Fairlight bikes if I could manage it and I particularly like their approach to sizes with both regular and tall versions of their frames available making a wider selection of sizes available to people.

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