7 days 7 questions

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3/7 - did a nick clegg and started well...


I didn't know a single answer. And still got five :smile:
Well I have to post on this thread, this time.
7/7 :blush::becool::becool::smile::blush:
Don't know how I managed it, a first time ever for me (normally I get about 2) and most of them were guesses. Just got lucky I suppose.
Ah well, next week it'll be back around 2 I reckon. And you won't find me posting about it...:blush:


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4. Oi reckon 7's just showing off 'n that. Oi reckon if I ever got 7 oi'd 'ave the decency to keep it to mesen. *sniff*

4. Good honest score that.
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