70 Beginners..

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..we'll over 70 responded to my call for beginners - I ended up with around 40. You can read all about it on pages 34 and 35 of this weeks Cycling Weekly.


Mr Phoebus

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It's all that Lynx you wear, Russ. :blush:

Bam Chicka Wah Wah.


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The ride to Stratford was great - Ru88ell gave me the honour of leading his ladies for the last 5 miles or so into Stratford-upon-Avon.

... and it's probably the one and only time I'll get my picture in Cycling Weekly ... if you look closely there's half of me on the RH edge, with a green and white MacRide jersey (I'm actually holding up the traffic for the peoloton to ride straight to the finish in the gardens by the theatre)

Great stuff Russ!!

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