700c alloy wheels wanted, 120 or 126 OLN 5-speed rear, nutted or QR

So I can do something with the Peugeot mixte, which I have mysteriously failed to get rid of... :smile:
I'd really like to get this running well as a shopper. Rims wide enough to go to 32mm would be nice, but it currently runs 28s so that's good also.
Anything in your collective sheds or garages? I ideally want to re-use the freewheel, which is astoundingly wide range!
Also in https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/700c-alloy-wheels-5-speed-120-oln-rear.260691/#post-5981924
I've edited the title to reflect the fact that I might be willing to attempt a cold set on the mixte frame for just 6mm. Assuming it's a remotely wise idea...
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