9 speed block with 10 speed shifters

Just bought a second hand pair of wheels which came with a 9 speed block. Just tried them on my bike which has 10 speed set up and shifting is clean and seems to run fine (took it out for a quick spin round the block). Will it cause a problem in the future or can I keep running it like this until the cassette and chain need replacing and save myself a few quid buying a new 10 speed block?

Thanks for any advice
If the indexing is working perfeclty I would assume as long you adjust your limiter settings so the chain doesn't fall off the cassette it would be fine! Maybe the 9 speed cassette is simply shorter than the 10 speed one. I know when you move up from 10 speed to 11 speed the cassette is larger.

Then again I'm no expert but If it works, it won't damage anything if that's your main concern. It's the shifter that is indexed and moves the mech up and down, the shifter simply holds the mech in the appropriate position with the correct amount of cable tension.

You would be running a 10 speed cassette but will only have use of 9. Where the indexing is off you would expect to have poor shifting and skipping up and down gears without actually hitting the shifters.
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