90’s Marin Palisades Project


Hello Everyone!

I recently bought an early-1990’s Marin (Palisades Trail). It has no major rust or pitting and no bends or dents. It appears to be factory spec. From what I can tell, it have Shimano Deore LX brakes, front/rear derailleurs, and pedals. It has a Shimano Exage 300 Crankset and Araya 26” wheels. It rides great and I have enjoyed it for the short time I have had it.

I would like to rebuild and upgrade this bike; perhaps build it close to “Team Marin” specs.

I have seen another post in which a Marin Palisades was rebuilt, and I am somewhat using it as my inspiration.

I will update this post as the build progresses.

I would welcome any suggestions on equipment to upgrade to. I’m already looking at a new Odyssey Pro 1 1/8” threaded headset. Would this be appropriate?

I understand that this is a lower mid-level bike when new, but don’t mind spending a bit of money getting it to where it needs to be. I would like to use it as a commuter with the ability to handle some off-path action.
Lastly, as a new member and one who is getting back into cycling, I cannot thank everyone enough for their support, suggestions, and opinions thus far. I have learned quite a bit and appreciate the knowledge.


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