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A bicycle trailer for camping and sleeping on.

Discussion in 'Tandem and Other Bikes' started by delport, 10 Jan 2011.

  1. delport

    delport Guest

    Trailer is almost finished now, for up to date photos see trailer photo 1 onwards.

    It won't be all that long before i go to Spain now, a month or so.

    The tent idea has gone [originally i wanted to build this as a complete shelter, with the tent stretching out just beyond the plywood] i've just bought a tent, and i'll move the trailer bed into the tent and sleep on it.

    Bmx wheels were bought for £20 2nd hand.

    The trailer connector was bought for £15- this is a standard connector supplied with trailers.Attached to the trailer connector is a childs scooter i got for free, this will be my trailer arm, it is heavy and solid and has the [2 o'clock] angle i see on other proper trailers.

    The trailer only measures 2 ft across.And at the moment i'm thinking of not bothering with side railings as i have 10mm metal rods i can may'be thread through both bmx wheels, i'm going to experiment with that idea soon.
    I'm comfortable with adjusting bike axles, ball bearings and so on.

    Also the wheel supports made of iron were cut to a very small size, as mentioned in my previous post.
  2. delport

    delport Guest

    Trailer is now up and running, still a couple of things to do to it.Took it out for a 10 mile trial run last night.It handles corners perfectly, and as it is only 2 ft wide is perfect for cycle paths and narrow gaps.

    I rode fast at times, and over rough ground, just to see how it handled, and it was fine, the first part of the trailer without wheels weighs 9lbs, and near 19 lb with wheels.
    The second section of the trailer is less than 10lbs.

    When i go shopping i will only use the 1st part of the trailer.

    The metal rod idea didn't work purely because of the thread, the rod fitted fine through both bmx wheels, cups went on fine, cones had a different thread on them so the idea ended there.
  3. Night Train

    Night Train Guest

  4. delport

    delport Guest

  5. delport

    delport Guest

    More photos of the trailer as it looks now.
    I've used the trailer for about 6 days now, and barely anything needs done to it.


    If you look at the other photos you'll notice part 2 of the trailer, i'm not sure what to do with that part now as the container idea works well and gives me loads of carrying space.
    more photos:

    The length of the trailer is just over 3 foot, and it's a tiny bit over 2 foot wide.
    I'm now noticing with practise test runs why it needs to be this narrow, as even at that small width i can clip things.And not completely clear things like gates and narrow passages.
  6. Riverman

    Riverman Über Member

    Sur de Inglaterra
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    Riverman Über Member

    Sur de Inglaterra
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    jayjay Well-Known Member

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