A bit worrying.


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Got back from holiday on sunday and straight to Leeds Gen Infimary today for the next round of tests on my heart flutter.
Only had to do a treadmill walk.I had to ask them to stop just into phase four,felt dizzy and light headed,it took me 30 mins of fresh air to feel right.A mention of high blood pressure was mentioned.Will see another Doc about the test soon,so next job is a pile of holiday ironing,that should just about finish me off.
That's all folks.


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It will be living the high life in Florida that's done it.

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There must have been a reason to go and have the stress-test, so hopefully you'll figure it out and get it sorted. Worrying but maybe not the end of the world ... just yet ;)
I've got to book one up too for after my hols as I fear all's not right with mine too. Better to know and deal with it.
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