A couple of Bee-line consultations in Bolton currently open...

Tom B

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There are a couple of consultations currently open for the Bee-Line projects in Bolton.

It is fair to say Bolton has not embraced Cycling or the Beeline project and has done it's best to bury any consultations, engagement and do diddly squat.
Even this consultation is hidden away at the arse end of the website (others get front page billing) and the local news article didn't offer a link just simply told to go to the website

/end of rant

Anyway if you ask or give your views you cant moan...

Astley Bridge including the horrible to cycle A666.


And Westhoughton which I know less about.



Carbon fibre... LMAO!!!
I've heard from the ride leader that Bolton Council are considering cancelling their "Ride Social" programme.
At last count, there were more than 20 regulars who attended these rides. There would no doubt be more if the programme was better promoted, but as you know, Bolton Council and cycling don't mix.
This town hates cyclists. 😠
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