A Happy Christmas, especially to...

I'd like to say Happy Christmas to those forummers who've brightened up a dull few months at work, but in particular would wish a happy new year to those who have shared their demons with us. I hope this place has been a help for you, and that next year things get better for everyone.


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Cheers Giant. I was planning to do this today, so this seems like as good a place as any. Merry Christmas to the forum and all who sail in her, and please accept a pic of this year's homemade Christmas card...



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Yes, happy christmas everyone. I have to admit I've grown very fond of this forum and the people on it, thanks for everything I've learned (cycling and otherwise) and thanks again for the nun joke which still make me laugh everytime i cycle down my cobbled street....


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I shall wish you all a merry Xmas when the time comes (ie when I knock off work ... weds afternoon :sad:) Till then, on with your work, you goodfernothings! You don't find me getting all festive in say, November, and dishing out virtual Santa hats, oh no sirree.... :biggrin:
* Insert you own suitable christmas card here! *
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