A little story.


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I was going to buy a jersey from Orange Cycles in Orlando,i was also going to give the shop my last team jersey of my Royal Mail team.Well looking into distances it would have taken four bus journeys upto 31/2 hours of travelling or more in cab fares than the shirt cost
So i ordered a shirt from Love2pedal and had it delivered to the Hotel.Well i decided to take the RM jersey with me and prayed i would find a young lad who was interested in cycling.Well in the middle of the holiday we shared a shuttle bus to a Disney park with a family from Liverpool.I got chatting with Grandad and over the journey found out the Grandson had just started to do charity rides,his dad not on holiday had six bikes,well i asked the young chap if he would fancy his own jersey.So when we got back one size five shirt was handed over to a beaming young man.
i will say it was a trifle big but in a couple of years he will grow into it.Glad to get another youngman into cycling who knows a budding Boardman or Cav on the way.Lads name was Joseph being a Christian i found that quite amusing.
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