A little story .


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As you all know .I have been looking for the bike for over twelve months .

Loads of questions and great help on here .And decided on Specialized Secteur Elite 61cm .

But one had opposition and thats all i will say .

Well we lost an Aunty in Feb.With us at Xmas and gone and buried in March .
This lady was a jewel, kind hearted and loving .

Well it has made my wife think .And she has told me that our girls have to buy something that they really want in memory of Aunty Tess.
And i could have the bike .
So thats how i got the bike i so much wanted .So in memory of Aunty Tess .

Who will now ride with me every time i go out .


How much does it cost to Oldham?
Nice bike-nice story. Enjoy.
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