a quick question for Brompton owners


Hi dose any one know if New Bromptons come with a fitted pump or do I have to buy one forgot to ask when I ordered mine if not can any recommend a little pump that can fit on the bike or one that will fit in the front bag


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Mine came with a pump but that was some years ago. If yours doesn't a Brompton-specific pump which attaches to the rear frame is available.
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The Brommie pump isn't up to much as Anne says.

Used mine once on the road and it did manage to put some air in the tyre.

Part of the problem is its location where it gets showered in road dirt.

Mine has a small red collar which acts as a seal when the pump is closed.

I don't bother carrying another pump, partly because I have Marathon Pluses.

I've only had one puncture that I couldn't limp home on.

In that case, I folded the bike and phoned for a taxi.

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A pump with a separate hose is good because you are less likely to damage the valve while pumping, and your hands stay cleaner.

Lots around, but this Lezyne is nicely made and comparatively cheap at £15.

The hose is quite clever, one end does Schrader, one does Presta, so you will be able to pump up your new Brommie's tyres and offer assistance to any roadie you may come across who is in pneumatic distress.



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My take with me pump of choice is the Topeak Pocket Rocket. You can flip the head parts for Presta & Schrader & it'll readily put 100psi in a tyre without the effort ruining the rest of your ride.

That said, Brommy & puncture can be solved by a bus or taxi just as readily as patch & pump


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Topeak Morph. I've got a Mountain Morph (for my touring bikes - had it a decade or more) and a Road Morph and they're both great. They're like a mini portable track pump, but I'm not sure which one would best suit a Brompton. Whichever is on an offer at the time, I suspect.


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My 2007 6 speed came with the poor Zefal others have mentioned.

It fell off and jammed the rear wheel on a poorly surfaced main road through Hereford and has never been replaced.

The titanium tip above is great as I'd forgotten that pump weight was sacrificed in the lightweight Brompy packages.

Unless you intend to ride pole to pole on yours, a decent set of tyres, bus services or short pushes mean it's not worth carrying a pump, whether you're buying Titanium or steel.
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