A sad day


A valued colleague was killed today in a car crash. When I was out of the office I heard that a local road was closed on the traffic news. When I got back to work I found out why. I just feel gutted as I know that she was a careful driver. The other driver was also killed. Not sure if I should be posting this as I am not looking for sympathy and it feels like I am intruding on other peoples' grief. What a waste.


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That kind of news still shakes you up and makes you realise how fragile life can be.
That's awful BJB. Things like that really strike home when you know the person involved, it's hard not to think about it and hard to accept you won't see that person again. Really not nice and as you say, very sad.


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I'm really sorry to hear that BJB.

As I wrote a few days ago in similar circumstances, of course you should post if you want to.

I'm sure you're shocked and upset enough and I know you're not looking for sympathy.

My heartfelt condolences to you, all the same.


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Just horrible. It reminds us just how uncivilised our society really still is when we have to run the risk of getting killed simply getting to work or back.
A close colleague died a few years ago 2 days short of retirement just as we were planning his party.

I was taken unawares by the way I reacted. I was completely poleaxed by it all and I felt physical pain at his funeral. It was very unnerving how my body reacted automatically. He was not a close friend but I had worked with him for over ten years.

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Yesterday on my evening shift a colleague of mine received a call on her mobile and then ran off in tears. She had just learned that her Aunt, pregnant with twins had been killed earlier that day in a car crash.
The carnage goes on. It's so so sad. Three lives lost.


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I think it take something like this though to make us realise how fragile our lives are. We know it in our heads and glibly talk about it, but it's only when someone we know is involved that it really hits home what a knife edge we live on. Anyone who's lost someone or who has a friend or relative gravely ill will recognise that feeling of looking at other people with their simple, happy lives and feeling that sense of detachment and like you've suddenly joined another secret part of society. It shakes you up and hopefully makes you re-evaluate your own life and resolve to use it better and more productively. I think that's what we should do with these opportunities anyway.

BJB, massive hug from me.
Exactly Cathryn, could not have put it better myself. Yesterday my aunt got given 9 months to live and you have described what it's like perfectly.

BJB I know someone who also went through this - their team mate was killed on the way to a meeting and she heard the crash from her office. She was understandably devastated even though the person was 'just' a workmate. You don't have to be that emotionally close to or related to a person for them (and their death) to have a big impact in your life. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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That's terrible news BJB-you have my deepest sympathy. Totally agree with comments above too-an old friend of my parents was feeling a bit under the weather over christmas '06, and it didn't seem to get any better, so he went to the doctor for some tests.....and it was cancer of an unknown primary [just about the worst kind]. Eventually it turned out to be colon cancer, and he rallied briefly with radio/chemotherapy, but very sadly died six months later.Grim.
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