A single, weatherproof cover for two bicycles - suggestion please?


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I have an XL hybrid and a Medium hybrid. They are currently in the shed, protected from the elements. I would like to free up the space in the shed and store both bikes outside. I was thinking about purchasing a motorcycle cover, or something similar, that would fit over both bikes.

Has anyone else had this thought and how did it work out? Did your bikes stays rust-free and fine after a winter under the cover?
Can anyone recommend a suitable cover? Nothing too expensive or flash - it just needs to protect the bikes?
The bikes will be positioned behind the shed, standing on flint. Does anyone know of any concerns with doing this?

I just don't want to entrust a cover to protect the bikes only to find that after 5 months of winter weather, the bikes have corroded/rusted?
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Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
I've had one of these over my Raleigh Pioneer, which lives outside, for the three years: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mountain...e-Double-Triple-Cycle-Protection/154020005414

No issues with rust or other aspects but where it's stored it's out of the worst weather. Cost about £12 for a double cover.

I've a storage unit for most of my bikes, which will take 12 bikes, that's dry and secure.


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Those noodle bits on hybrid brakes always seem to rust no matter what.
I think you'll always get rust on bare steel if you keep the bike outside.


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BTR extra large has ample room for two bikes and is really durable and well made.
Not cheap at about £35, but it will last for years.


Surely an excuse to build another (or bigger) shed!
I'd be amazed if rust didn't start forming on bikes stored outside.
I assume security isn't a big concern?
2 pals keep theirs in an chunky Asgard bike store like this bolted down on their front drive - very secure, but also a tad expensive I see.
If you can fit another 6x4 shed in, I would do that....


Do you not have a partner / family who could sleep outside to make room for your bikes?
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