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Discussion in 'Adaptive and Disabled Cycling' started by paul fellows, 8 Aug 2015.

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    I came up with this idea whilst trying to think of a different way Stuee might make a trike that gets narrower. On reflection what I have come up with is a trike that you can walk up to and sit down without any part of the frame being in the way.

    Stuee have you or anyone else considered a trike with:
    One wheel at the back for power.
    One Wheel at the font, that is not positively steered, but instead is like the front wheel of a bike being ridden 'no hands'.
    The brakes for these wheels and gear changers are mounted on a fixed handle bar that is part of he frame.
    the seat would be mounted of to the side of the frame on a length of box section, I know this will mean a bit of redesign work for the drive train. But it means that the space in front of the seat is clear.
    The third 'outrigger wheel' will be on the end of a beam that fits securely but removable into the box section. this wheel will have direct positive steering by means of handle bar wit the brake for that wheel.

    With the outrigger of it would be a bit wider than a normal bent, with it on it would be more stable than a delta. It will be easier to mount than just about any other trike.

    because of what is known as positive castor, the front wheel will have to follow the correct steering line set by the steered outrigger wheel.
    To show this steering mechanism works with an example, imagine Statue’s MK2 with its tracking rod removed. It could be ridden with the 2 front wheels being worked independently. But what would happen if he only used one handle bar to control that one wheel? Will it go out of control and crash? Looking at his pictures it looks like the MK2 has positive caster, so the wheel that would seem to be free to point in any direction will in fact be forced to follow the correct line.
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    The only two points that are relevant to access on a trike are the seat height and the support to get in and out

    Modifying with a set of handles solves the latter


    Design such as the taller Greenspeed Magnum, Kettwiesel etc solves the former

    In most cases it is possible to sit "side saddle" and then bring the legs over
  3. OP
    paul fellows

    paul fellows Active Member

    Middlesbrough UK
    moderator could you please move this thread to adaptive cycling.

    Cunobelin nice:smile:
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