A Wheel tough decision


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i have a set of mavic cosmic sls on my synapse hi mod but feel they are a bit of a drag.

as i am a light rider around 62kg i find them hard in windy weather. also we have quite a few hills around.

i think they look great but maybe looks are not everything....

its not the bike or groupset as its hi mod now with dura ace 9000 and sisl2 crankset, and its not me so only really the wheels.

can i have some options on a better wheel. £700 budget

i was gonna get ksyrium sls but have read lots of spoke breaking..

dura ace 9000 c24 look good

thoughts as i have a 131 mile ride next sunday all hills .....


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Deep sections are a crap choice if you live in a hilly windy part of the world.

Simple. DA C24 are very nice.


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I have some 38mm hand built carbons that are nice . Very light and don't get caught to bad by the wind . Best of both worlds maybe ?
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