A wired computer that doesn't unclip?


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On my current bike I have a cheapo wireless bike computer I got from Maplins. It's sufficiently rubbish that the odometer only goes up to 999 miles :smile: so I basically just use it as a speedo. Anyway, seeing as it was very cheap and a bit shoot I never really bother taking it off the bike when I lock it up in public.

Once I finally get a new bike, I'd like a wired computer that's a little bit better than my current one - wired so I don't have to bother turning it on myself, and I'd like something that will actually be able to record how far I've ridden.

HOWEVER, I am a lazy bastard and want to be able to leave it on the bike. Therefore I don't want it to clip and unclip; I want to have to fiddle around for a few minutes with a screwdriver to get it off - are there any bike computers out there that do that?


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Just get a wireless one and keep it in you pocket... :smile:


My lidl 'puter used to clip/unclip. But the mount only fitted on the handlebars. So I tried to bodge the mounting bracket to fit the stem and bu99ered the clipiness in the process:blush:
So I've screwed the computer to the mount (from underneath) and fitted the whole not to the stem with a couple of cable ties.
Mike! said:
Good point!

A hammer?
LOL, that could be a tad expensive!
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