ABC Challenge : Interesting features seen on your bike rides

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Quickly followed by a C for cathedral.

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This is the one in Exeter. I would have liked to photograph it from the front but from that angle the sun was directly behind it and not a good photo did it make.
Great Great Great Grandfather, memorial in the back of the nave, I believe.


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Here we go. This is me mountain biking in the Andes, with Aconcagua (6,993m) just behind my left shoulder. So a double A entry. Taken at about 3,000m from memory. Not long after I ran into a cactus where I thought there was a wider gap on the track. It wasn't a marked trail. It's just where I was staying the owner had a mtn bike he let me borrow. This is from my round the world slides I am currently scanning. It was December 28th 2000.

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