Abelour 10yo single malt

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rich p said:
On offer in my local (small) Co-op for £15.50. Irresistable and a nice drop IMHO.
Is this one of the whisky of the month offers? Mine has litre bottles of a reasonable Speyside on offer occasionally reduced from £25 to £15.
rich p

rich p

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Yes, it's their 'Malt of the Month'. It was Glenfiddich last month but Aberlour is a regular offer.


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Aberlour also happens to be a fairly well established Substance Misuse Treatment organisation north o' the border Rich. I'm beginning to smell a rat!


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Colne, Lancs
I picked up the 12 year old Aberlour in France for about £17. It's one of my favourite. Sainsbury's also has 14yr old Scapa (Orkney Islands) for £19.99 at the moment, a great one. I love Whisky.

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Brock said:
Aldi, Highland Earl blended Scotch, 7.49 a bottle. Arrrrrgh burp.
I suppose when you're nailed it all tastes exactly the same.


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It's amazing what you can get used to when you're desperate. When I first tried to give up smoking I substituted sucking on a ciggie for tugging on a whisky bottle. Got quite addicted to 'Claymore' which was the cheapest scotch I could grab. Rough as old boots, but I grew to quite like it before realising I was doing myself more harm with spirits than I had been with tobacco and started smoking again. In fact I was quite disappointed with the vacuous silky kiss of Jameson's ( my previous tipple of choice ) when I went back to it.


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I picked up a bottle of "Glen McWilliams" in Andorra a few years back for the princely sum of £1.75!
I bought it for my pal - we make a point of buying each other a bottle of the roughest, cheapest spirit that we can find every time we go on holiday!

As you could guess, it tastes like white spirit!
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