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I think walking with a bike on a footpath is perfectly legal.


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Perfectly legal, just as it is to push your bike along a pavement. The only thing that could have made a difference would have been if it was a permissive path (orange dotted line on 1:25k maps) where the landowner has given permission so could theoretically also withdraw it.

Farmer just being stupid imho


reiver said:
However the law seems to apply to riding a bike. Does anyone know if the law applies to someone who is walking and pushing a bike.
As has been said, he was wrong. But he may well have assumed that you had been riding at and would get back on as soon as his back was turned.


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Farmer Giles was trying it on. You are allowed to do it, a lot of them don't like it and will put up unofficial signs that have no legal status or do tricks like padlocking gates and things illegally to discourage bikes/people. If he was being threatening I suggest getting in touch with the people who are in charge of the definitive map in that area and report him.
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