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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Matthames, 16 Apr 2010.

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    There were a couple of threads that got me thinking about this. I have a keen interest in boats and sailing, so as I like to be a safe sailor, I spend some time reading through the accident reports and recommendations of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch. This quite often highlights reoccurring themes whereby taking certain simple precautions, accidents could of been avoided and lives could of been saved.

    Available on the MAIB website are full reports and they do safety digests which give a short summary of the accident and then the lessons learnt.

    It got me thinking, for those that care about road safety, something like the MAIB digests would be useful.
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    Prefer to call them collisions on the roads - it's often offensive to victims and others to call them accidents when almost all are not accidents.
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    Funny, I was thinking a similar thing recently, when I was reading British Sub-Aqua Club annual diving incident reports.

    When I started out diving, I found it very reassuring to see that in a large number of cases, the problems were caused by the reaction to an incident, rather than the initial problem. A lot of the time, things are completely in your control if you keep your head and remember your training. Easier said than done...

    But it is good to have a source of these incidents, to be able to think through the situations and the actions that should have been taken, and see what worked and what didn't.
  4. I like that idea.

    although it may have limitations.

    I assume most marine accidents are investigated by an official body (Marine Accident Investigation Branch, insurance firms, manufacturers etc)

    I would imagine most bike accidents are un-reported or occur without witnesses or investigation, so unbiased accounts (that we can learn from) may be limited
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    Aaah, the Incident Pit (IIRC) - small thing goes wrong and you end up focussing on that too much which causes a domino effect of ignoring other things which then put you further in peril (i.e. sinking deeper whilst trying to untangle a hose, thus causing ear pain, bouyancy problems, nitrogen narcosis, death...). Used to love Diving many years ago... such a cheery sport with tales of death and worse! ;):biggrin:
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