Adopting Country of Residence

At what point should someone start supporting their country of residence and stop supporting the country they came from?

For example, I've lived in the UK for 15 years now and am firmly an England support in football, cricket and rugby. Yet people still assume that I will be supporting South Africa in the rugby world cup final (even though I'm from Zimbabwe, ffs!).

Soon-to-be Mrs TS has been in the UK for 3.5 years and will be supporting South Africa. Now she did actually live in SA for 16 years after leaving Zimbabwe so I can give her some leeway. But I have told her that after 5 years here she will need to change her allegiance!

Why do people still hang onto their old ties and not embrace their new country's sporting heroes?!


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are you norman tebbit in disguise?


no, i just get annoyed when i find out friends of mine who've been lucky enough to live in Oz or NZ for the last 15-20 years still support say SA or the country they came from. Doesn't make sense to me!

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That's an interesting question. I would have no problem in supporting Germany in any sport where they weren't playing against any of the home nations or Aus, NZ or Can. OTH I love it when they beat England at football, but then again that was the case when I was living in the UK because I dislike football and the English attitude to the national team so much.

I'll have to consider this one again in around another ten years.
Apparently many British-born people whose parents immigrated from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh will support England at football but their parents' country at cricket.

Which is fine - it's a free country.
And we are only talking about sport after all - it's not like it really matters :ohmy:

For myself, I'm British but don't like football in the slightest so I'm happy when England, Scotland, etc are kicked-out of the World Cup and I don't have to hear about it every time I turn on the telly !

Rugby & Cricket on the other hand get far less coverage so whilst they're not sports I follow, I'll watch the news items, if never a game.


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Support who you like as long as you feel justified in doing so.

Can't believe the notorious Trusty is finally settling down though. That's by far the most shocking part of your post.


Tetedelacourse said:
Can't believe the notorious Trusty is finally settling down though. That's by far the most shocking part of your post.
well, i've still got 4.5 weeks to do a runner......


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I've lived in Sweden for the best part of 13 years, but don't feel at all 'loyal' to their sports teams!
I lived in Norway for nearly four years and prefer them to Swedes, but I'd always support the English/British teams before anyone else.
Mind you, don't know how much longer I'll be living here, it seems like it's time for a change.


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I orginate from Nigeria, my although my family have lived here all their life and I was born and bread here with a UK passport. But...... I do support both teams untill they play each other then I'm English through and through.
I think you should support the team on your passport. Anything other than that and your being hipocritcal
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