Advertisers: cute Labrador puppies........


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I had a gardening job in London years ago and we did some work for the film director Tony Scott who directed the Andrex ads at one time. He had one of the labradors and the bloody thing used to run into the garden when you'd planted something and dig it up again, the wretched nuisance. ;)


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You remind me of this, from a recent thread on football chants....

"There used to be a South Korean player called Lee Young-Pyo who played for Spurs. The chant went "he'll shoot, he'll score, he'll eat your Labrador. Lee Young-Pyo! Lee Young-Pyo!"


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If I had a bigger place with a garden I would love a Labrador or retriever, I love their cheekiness it goes with my personality ROFL

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betty swollocks said: not gambol around the house neatly unfurling the bog roll -
they shred it to bits!!!!!!

We've just recently taken in a 1.5 year old black lab and one of the first things he did was eat/chew a full box of tissues (both the tissues & the box), which he then later brought back up while in the car.....

He's curtailing my cycling a little, but we're enjoying the walks!
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