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Evening all,

I've been cycling on and off for just over a year now and my first look in was training for London to Brighton 2011 and with little over 3 weeks training I managed that feat even though I carry plenty of timber. Shortly after my bike was stolen and until a week before London to Brighton 2012 I hadn't cycled and unlike 2011 I finished 10 miles from the finish and had a kip in some old girls front garden... Oops!

Anyway, I originally come from east London but moved to Bromley and my cycle commute is around 15 miles each way I believe unlike 3 previously. I struggle but get home and back but my stamina doesn't seem to be improving and I literally plod up hills. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm trying to cycle four days a week at least but I haven't managed it yet and I've been cycling since London to Brighton for around a month. I'm also a bit thrifty so like saving on an otherwise expensive commute each month.

Anyway sorry for waffling, spelling mistakes etc. this is written on my IPhone.


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I originally bought a hybrid bike to try commuting on. I thought if I could just manage once, maybe twice a week I'd be happy. Within a month I was cycling every day (11.5 miles each way.) 15 miles is a bit further, and maybe your ride is hillier than mine, but if you keep at it, and take it steady there will come a time when you'll do the ride without even thinking about it being hard work. I don't know what sort of bike you ride, but I swapped the hybrid for a road bike which made it easier. Then swapped the road bike for a recumbent 2 wheeler (Bachetta Strada), which made it even easier, and now I switch between the Strada and Ice Trice S trike. I think it's a good idea to have a couple of different steeds, and to swap every 6 months or so to keep the interest up.

My budget is £2,500 per year....exactly what I save in petrol/running costs, and as my last few purchases have been for used examples I won't lose any where near I tell the Missus.

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Blimey im a struggling hill climber,im 5h1t at hills but im cycling across Thailand in October.

30 miles e/w is ten more than me plus im nearly 50 but I managed the Thailand bike ride last year.(look at me)

Same here im not as fast as I want to be,shiftwork and age doesn't help...Im trying desperately to eat better healthier food to improve my performance.It works on some days.

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Thanks for the replays guys.

CoG, I'll let you know what bike I have tonight. I bought it off my mate. She's an old girl mind.

WOW, Thiland! That'll be an amazing experience. My company does a ride across Britain which is my ultimate aim. I'm 28 so I'd have thought I'd be hammering this by now.

Day off the bike today though. My legs are shot to pieces!


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Sounds like you're doing well to me, Charlie. Concentrate on just riding at a slow and steady pace, don't try to thrash it more than once a week or even once every two weeks. Take the rest days as often as you need, they'll help you to get stronger. How's your eating? Tried eating a banana before you leave?


Biek set-up will also help - get the saddle height right, and the tyres properly inflated. Both these simple adjustments will make you more comfortable riding and more effecient - ie you'll expend less energy to do the same distance/time. Or as often seems to be the case, you'll be equally tired but have got there quicker.

30miles/day is a long stretch and will take some getting used to. Is it possible to do alternate halfs? ride in, leave bike safe, drive/PT home, drive/PT out, and ride home the next day - keeps you cycling more often, but reduces the distance per day a bit until you get used to it.

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Miket I do try and put my foot down now and again but mainly because you see people just zoom passed and I sometimes wonder how they do it!

Foxy, carrying 18stone probably doesn't help either but I can definitely see where you coming from regarding alternating how I cycle. It's a good idea and I may implement it.
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