Advice on a new bike: Orbea Orca M20i or Van Rysel Ultra RCR CF 105


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Heelp !! I need your suggestions on which bike to choose:

Orbea Orca M20i 2019 (, same specs, but for 2000 Eur)
Van Rysel Ultra RCR CF 105 (Decathlon), 1500Eur,

Bit of background:
I have been doing road biking mainly for fitness (max 80K) using a vintage road bike I bought second hand 10 years ago.

I would like to get a better road bike to star going on longer rides, since I life in Switzerland, and there are some serious hills here ( and I love going uphill). After reading quite some reviews online I wanted to go for the Van Rysel bike, since it is a good compromise quality / price, and suits perfect my purpose.

However..I went once to a shop nearby and they have the Orbea bike on sale. It is 500 Eur...but with bit better specs and Di2. Is it worthy the 500 Eur more? Or should I go for the Van Rysel one , and spend the extra on better tyres, saddle, etc ?

Any suggestion is welcomed!!! I am not a bike expert..and I am confused with so much info online!

Infinite thanks!!


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If the Decathlon bike suits your needs perfectly go for it unless you want the Di2 with it’s associated electronics which imho are hardly essential and something else to go wrong but it is a nicer colour. Sorry I’m not much help am I?
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