After the events of late, will you still buy their magazine.


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It's a while since I last bought a copy. These days I tend to read only Cycle and Velovision. Over the last year or so I've only bought C+ for long train journeys.

Nothing against the mag but Cycle covers much the same ground and as I get that with the CTC membership, I don't see much point in buying C+ for similar content. Velovision I buy for the 'bent content which none of the other mags offfer.


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Long train journeys for me too. I'd also have bought a copy in the past after a forum comment. The latter is not really likely to happen now.

Tim Bennet.

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I still subscribe. I've never thought there's much connection between the magasine and the forum, apart from Warren Rossiter's occaisional contribution. So I'll judge each on its merits.
Tim - I tend to agree. They are distinct elements. Just a little part of me still thinks that me continuing to buy the mag kind of rewards C+ for what happened to the old forum.

I think in future, I'll just buy it if the particular content appeals.


I used to buy the magazine not so much because I considered it essential reading as because it seemed reasonable to do so in exchange for my regular use of its forum.

Now that there is no longer a Cycling Plus forum, I'm unlikely to buy the magazine unless there is something of particular interest to me in it.

Steve Austin

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The magazine has always been a good read, i will continue to buy it.

Of course, i will continue to picket Future's Head office until they bring back the forum but i am not so childish as to stop buying the magazine


I subscribe and will continue. The fact that they have messed up the forum is irrelevant to my enjoyment of the mag. Indeed, on the Bike Radar web site there are some excellent articles and general information. I have spent some time looking around that site and like what I see. IMO, their error was to make the forum too unwieldy and large. If you were able to select areas of the forum and customize the specific areas which interested you, it would work. I dip in to Bike Radar, I think it will improve with time.


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being a skinflint, i will continue to read WHSmiths copy.
around once or twice a year i do buy it, and will continue to do so.


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i found the C+ forum first & decided to give the mag a go. I found it to be better for me than most bike mags as it's not totally race orientated. I got an offer through Halifax credit card to subscibe for £1.92 per issue, so i've just subscibed last month :?:
I'll probably continue with the mag, as it's a good read when i'm sat at work with nothing to do :?:
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