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Hi everyone,

I'm having this sport/hobby forced upon me rather than through choice. I was banned from driving 3 days ago due to speed. With getting to work a problem dusting off the old bike was the only solution. However in 3 days the bug has hit me hard! So much so I found that after riding home after work last night I had to go out again and hit some trails!!

Its a 6 mile journey in to work and I have the luxury of either 3 miles of dirt track then road or all the way on the roads. I have loads of questions, need a new bike or certainly an alternative. Currently have a front suspension Saracen Mountain bike which is about 10 years old but its doing its job so far.

First day in was eventful as I work in a school so had to stick my clothes, iron and shoes in what can only be described as a bag and string and off I went, I fell off, got nettled then once at work had forgotten my socks, boxers and had brought conditioner instead of shampoo. On a plus point my armpit hair is now soft and strong.

Have already done lots of reading and will have a million and one questions.

Hope to be able to contribute and well done for what so far looks a great site!


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Welcome Robson..

An interesting start for you.. its good when the bug bites.. :smile:
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