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Rode in thru the gatehouse this morning and the chap asked "whats the bottle for?".
Me: "The red one?"
Him: "Yeah, is it for if you need a pee"
Me (looking stunned): "Erm, its a horn *beep beep*, my ride isnt that long"
Him (looking rather embarrased): "Oh I see"

I can see how he thought it, the airzound bottle is on the seattube post thingy (sorry, not good with technical terms) and the hose runs up to the handlebars.

Its not the first time someones commented on my red horn....:blush:



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...and there I was about to suggest a biro refill in case you needed to join two lengths of airzound tubing. :blush:
fossyant said:
Have you chilled out enough to tell us about it. Problem shared and all that......aunty
Eh? There is a bloody great thread about it.:smile::wacko::biggrin:
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