Album of the year

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i won't be compiling any kind of list, just interested to see what other people rate as the best album of the year.

mine would be the Cherry Ghost album. special mention to Feist for a fine record and Joseph Arthur for two good, if slightly bewildering, CDs. Buffalo Tom came back with a good record and the Josh Rouse one is good.


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be your own pet (eponymous album)


Can it be an album I bought this year or does it have to have been released this year?

If it's the latter I have no idea.


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Am with Noodley on this plenty from previous years but not bought anything new this year apart from the Manics Album which is ok but nothing spectacular.
In no particular order:

Neon Bible - Arcade Fire
Lightweights and Gentlemen - Lau
The Letting Go -Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
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