Aldi Waterproof Lobster Cycling Gloves


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I brought a pair of these last September not expecting too much from them. After all £7.99 isn't a lot for such things. On Thursday morning when cycling at 6:10 to work the temperature had fallen to -5º C but my hands were still warm. YMMV.


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Only worn mine the once, was probably a little too warm really but now the temperature is lower I'll give them another try.
padding seemed a bit minimal but should be OK for a short-ish ride :thumbsup:
Only wore mine once too, they done the trick warmth wise but I prefer having my fingers separate. I like to loosely balance on the bars with one finger behind the bars and one in front. When I couldn't do that I found I was putting too much weight on my hands which wasn't the most comfortable.


I got lots of gear from Aldi last September...their cheap jacket has been great....the cycling pro leggings fantastic (bought 2) and their socks brilliant I wear every day. The only item I did not use was the lobster gloves (well I say not use I wear them when cleaning the bike in cold weather) The small size is too small in the fingers and the medium size when I tried in store was too large....I bought the small I like the theory behing lobster gloves, you digits closer together and hence warmer but I find this really impairs my hold on and use of the brakes/gears levers...and lets face it in winter this is essential. So I use two pairs of gloves (one is a liner/inner) and when my hands get really cold (which they always do) I activate 2 reusable hand warmers from poundland and stick in my gloves....again not perfect but gives me a 15 minute heat shot!


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I'm a fully paid up member of Team Aldi. Went beserk in there and bought nearly one of everything last Autumn. Got home and thought that the lobster gloves were going to be the only item that I would never wear. After a cold ride at the start of December I decided to give them a go, and I have worn them every ride since - super toasty. Out over Christmas for 4 hours in sleet/rain/wind and my hands were the only part of me that felt good.


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Got one of the winter jackets a while back but expected it to be too warm. Have worn it with only a base layer on my last few rides including some below freezing and it's been perfect.

The only thing I've ever had issues with from there was some bib tights that had a rough seam and gave me a nasty rub where you don't want nasty rubs


Sign me up for the Aldi cold-weather brigade except...they work too well. The lobster gloves leave my hands sweating and am tempted to go out with just the jacket and no base layer as it works really really well :smile:


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I have some lobster gloves from Aldi. I presume they are the same as yours. I find them very warm but not particularly waterproof.

OK, not waterproof at all.
I bought the non waterproof gloves that were on sale in September and they were dreadful. The inner gloves quickly came unstitched from the outer layers and kept turning inside out when taking them off, a proper pain to put back on at the end of a long day.

Lets say I was more than pleased when I crashed and ripped up one of the pair and had the excuse to upgrade... I have since opted for sealskinz ultra grips which are blooming cozy and even waterproof. Even though they cost x3 as much as the aldi gloves, I think they are worth it, and that's coming from a proper tight git.


I really do believe that next winter I will invest in a pair of electrically heated super gloves....there must be a pair out there that will keep my hands espec my fingers warm....
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