All dressed up . . .

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. . . and nowhere to go.

In a hurry to get home quickly from work to watch the TdeF, I realised that I was still in my cycling clothing (not a team's kit) as they passed the finish line. :blush:
I felt like a small kid sitting in front of the TV with his football shirt on cheering his team.
Anyone else care to admit to 'obsessive' (read weird) behaviour? :eek:
i always wear a yellow 'Rossi' t-shirt when i watch the motoGP races.



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Hmmm, I was wearing my Euskadi Euskatel jersey and Lotto Adecco bibs yesterday, but only because I had been out on a short ride to test a Selle Gel Flow Flite saddle on loan from my LBS. Have to say it's very comfy :eek:
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