all steamed up


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i commuted today all nicely wrapped up as it seemed very cold. I bought a buff recently which i had around my neck and pulled up to cover my nose, mouth and ears whenever i got up to a windchill inducing speed. Unfortunately I found that my safety specs that i wore kept getting steamed up and not just when i was pushing hard going uphill. Even on some of the flat sections this happened.

How can i avoid this in future? any ideas?

DLB said:
How can i avoid this in future? any ideas?
Hold your breath?:blush:

How well ventilated are your specs? They shouldn't be steaming up when you are moving along if there is reasonable ventilation.
I suspect the buff over your nose and mouth is funnelling your breath up over your glasses. However clean they are, they'll still fog up even if only briefly if you do this.

You may have to just wear it around your neck and chin and let your nose get cold.


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the specs are safety glasses made by bolle and i suppose they don't have very good ventilation. perhaps i'll have a look for some ore from ebay which have better ventilation.

or i could just get a cold nose :blush:

thanks for the replies


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DLB said:
the specs are safety glasses made by bolle ...
Excuse my ignorance, but why are you wearing safety specs? Presumably these are not the enclosed type that you might use when doing chemistry experiments, right?


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Excuse my ignorance, but why are you wearing safety specs?

I suspect like me they are readily available at work for nowt, well they are if yours are broken or missing :blush: and they do the trick nicely.


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You can get Bolle ones for a few squid on ebay. They are pretty much identical to Bolle glasses that sell in walking shops (etc) for lots more! :blush:


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I've got the Bolle's as well......... my prescription insert fits them perfect - using the insert from the Tesco sports glasses deal I got, because the coating has pealed off the tesco glasses - need to take them back....

Very high specification glasses actually - clear and tinted....

John Ponting

spit on the lenses - has worked ever since the invention of the motorcycle goggle. Probably also used by the Royal Flying Corp during WW 1.
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