Almost a nightmare ride today...


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Thought I'd go for a quick birthday spin up to Bostal road (inspired by bftg's hill climbing thread) this morning to see how it is on a compact double rather than a triple.
It didn't start well. I managed to smack myself in the shin with my pedal (twice) whilst getting going at traffic lights.:biggrin:
I then noticed that, when rebuilding my bike yesterday, I hadn't quite done up the stem properly and my handlebars were coming loose. So I decided to do the Bostal and then head home. Struggled at first but really got into my rhythm at the end and thought I'd head back down and have another go.
But lo and behold I got a visit from the faery on the way down (first time in months). I'd left my saddlebag at work on Friday (containing my multitool, spare tube and patch kit), which had prevented me going on my first club run on Sunday:sad: But I'd shoved an old patch kit I found under the stairs in my jersey pocket so I thought "no problem!"
Got the tyre off, found the hole, went to patch it and realised that despite the tube of glue looking full it was totally empty!
So I began the ten mile walk home in my road shoes and cleats. My phone had no credit and I'd not done my usual and slipped a fiver in my jersey. I went through all the options in my head as I walked but couldn't think of anything.
After a mile or two I went down to just socks (in the wetxx() as I was destroying my shoes. Things were looking bleak...
Then a cyclist appeared heading towards me and slowed to ask if I needed anything. He was amazingly friendly and sorted me out with a new tube, and helped me get the last bit of tyre on when I was struggling. Turns out he is in the club I was planning on going out with on Sunday, and urged me to get involved with them!
Anyway, thankyou Mr (whose name I have stupidly forgotten already). I REALLY appreciated the help! You prevented me from having a really rotten birthday:biggrin:


Sympathy all round, Joe, but I suppose it came out all right in the end. Lucky there are some really decent cyclists out there! I presume you mean Bostal Road leading up from Steyning to the Bowl? Pity you weren't doing this ride 50 years ago, when there used to be a railway line (now the main A283 road) out of Steyning with steam trains back in to Brighton! But of course, without that £5 in your jersey (or five bob, would have been in those days), not much use!


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The big climb near Steyning, yeh.
Turned out well in the end and I learned not to tempt the fairy by riding unprepared!
Hopefuly one day I can repay the good deed (though I'm not wishing a pu****re on anyone!) ;)
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