Aloha from land of green chile


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now living in ABQ, NM

Needed a trainer to survive winters for the first time.

Well that was a crap purchase. Kickr 2018 needs a revamp for 2019.


Casper WY USA
There are many great days in the winter months to ride in 'Querque. Most snow is gone in a day or so and with proper clothes a sunny 30 degree day is very comfortable. The Tramway and Rio Grande bike paths are very nice and mostly goat head free. These are not the severed heads of goats but rather seedpods from weeds that love to to live next to bike paths. They have two spikes that seem to always have at least one pointing up to puncture your tires very efficiently. Get some cafe latte or other tubeless tire sealant to deal with the ubiquitous little buggers. Any bike shop will be happy to tell you all about them. In many ways the winter (it's a dry cold) is better than the summer heat in terms of riding. Vaya con Dios!
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