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I've used some of their kit and clothes but not their cycling stuff.
Always had a good service and liked the the stuff I've bought from them


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Not used their bike clothes but got a couple of their bike bags and other bits of gear. Quality is generally pretty good but they also back it up and even offer a 3-year guarantee on most stuff, with a repair service if it fails out of warranty or you do something really daft. One of the few companies I've dealt with that really put longevity/re-use/recycling at the core of the business.


I had a 3 year old down jacket from them and the zip gave up. This jacket had some heavy use so I wasn't that bothered. I dropped them an e mail to see what the repair cost would be, but they were happy to take it back and fix it free of charge. Great company.

That said some of there kit has some interesting sizing. One of their cycle jerseys I have, the rear pockets are so high up the back, my bike pump sort of falls out. I've also got a gillet which is both tight, loose and really long in the body all at the same time. I long for the time they open a shop close enough for me to travel too and try things on.


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I long for the time they open a shop close enough for me to travel too and try things on.
Googled and they have a big store for kit & Sonder bikes 25mins from me in Ambleside.. Maybe once Covid is over :sad:
And a titanium ultegra bike for £2500 :ohmy: Not heard of Sonder before
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I've used a fair amount of their clothing, gear, and bags over the years.

Since when they were mail order only - but their shops are nice too.

Quality stuff, reasonable prices, durable, well thought out unfussy designs, sizing pretty spot on, good customer service - ethical values.

Not much, not to like really.


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Their shop in Hathersage is a great. Friendly staff, too 👍🏼


Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
You used to be able to hire/borrow one of their bikes for the day and have the cost returned if you bought it.
This was before the world went crazy, though....


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Bought a small bag from them some years ago. I seem to have lost it, despite the fact that it was bright red. So they aren't unlosable.

It was pretty good while it lasted. A bit fiddly to mount.

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Spent a nice 20 mins chatting to one of their bike guys in the Keswick store. Lovely bikes. All the Alpkit stuff I have has lasted well so far.


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I've got a camouflage coloured saddlebag/bike packing bag its really nice and I've had a lot of compliments over it as well. I've had a bar bag from them which had straps which were impossible to fasten, so I sold it. I've ordered coats and tops off them and they have been nice in quality but always too long on the arms by a mile.They are a good company generally I think.
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