Alternative to Conti GP4000S?

In need of a new tyre to replace a worn Conti GP4000S, but these seem to be getting more and more expensive at >£30 per tyre.

Anyone know of a comparable tyre that has good puncture protection/grip levels that are a bit cheaper, ideally at 25mm?


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CRC have gator skin wired in for £22. If you don't mind the weight of non-folding you won't go far wrong.


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looking at this tooo got my 4000's on offer at 25 per tyre thought that was a bit to much considering milage but tyre is great but the price seems to being going up and up !

been looking at and thinking about at £12ish there alot cheap anyone use these day in day out? i do 44miles a day FYI
I agree the prices of tyres has gone up unless I am imagining it. I was also considering the Ultra sports, anyone share their opinion of them I would be interested also?
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