Altura Pocket Rocket waterproof wrinkles when wet and I get wet

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  1. guttertrash

    guttertrash Active Member

    Had to use my Pocket Rocket for only the second time today. Oddly, as soon as it got wet, it went very wrinkly. When I got home, my jersey was soaking wet too, so it doesn't appear to be very waterproof any more either. Like I said its only the second time its been worn. It has been washed once, in a 30 degree non bio wash (same as all my bike gear).

    Is it knackered now and only fit for the bin?
  2. lamby

    lamby Member

    I have had a pocket rocket for over a year now and not had this problem,I haven't put it in the washing machine I just hose it when it needs a wash, so maybe you have damaged it wh
    en putting it in the machine.
  3. Zakalwe

    Zakalwe Well-Known Member

    Barnsbury, London
    The perfume in detergent can affect the water repellant coating. Try tumble drying it on a medium heat for half an hour or so, you might be ale to re set the coating and bring the proofing back to life.
  4. I ruined my Montane by washing it with detergent, didn't realise it would take off the water repellency.
    You can buy stuff to re-proof them, worked Ok on mine, certainly made it better anyway.

    Now I use soap flakes or techno wash only on all my water-proof clothing :thumbsup:
  5. lb81

    lb81 Senior Member

    I use nikwax tech wash for my waterproof stuff. There is one to clean it and another for the repelancy... Pretty cheap on line or in a go-outdoors if you have one near...
  6. OP

    guttertrash Active Member

    Thanks. I'll try getting some Nikwax then. I guess its the TX.Direct stuff than I need?
  7. OP

    guttertrash Active Member

    Hi folks. Just bringing this one back to life.

    Washed the jacket a couple of weeks ago in the Tech Wash, and then in TX.Direct. The inside of the jacket now feels a bit 'waxy'.

    I used the jacket again today, and it still goes wrinkly when it gets wet, and frankly looks a bit ridiculous. Once dry it looks ok again but if you hold it up to the light, you can see lots of cracks, like a crazy paving effect in the material. I'm beginning to think its beyond help which I'm not happy about considering it cost me about £60 and only been worn a handful of times.
  8. albion

    albion Veteran

    South Tyneside
    Always use DP soap flakes and preferably hand wash.
    After they disappeared from my local supermarket I now rely on WIlkinsons for them.

    At £1.30 they are cheap too.
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