Am I wrong to....

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......laugh at someones misfortune?

Its just that I dont have much sympathy for idiot motorists who drive too fast for the conditions and/or dont leave adequate distance to the vehicle in front and I suppose if you are going to run into the back of the vehicle in front, like the white Ford Focus on the North circular this morning, why not choose to do it in style and totally write off your car by barrelling headlong into the back of one of those highway maintenance lorries which feature an E N O R M O U S FLASHING ARROW on the back?


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Whether they're hurt or not might determine whether it's wrong to laugh, but it doesn't affect whether it's funny or not.


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Couple of broken bones might make them think in future...

If I could see that the person wasn't hurt, and I happened to be there when it happened, I think I'd not only laugh, but probably pull up something to sit on so I could watch the ramifications in comfort...

At least it's unlikely the lorry driver, who was presumably not at fault, was hurt..


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Maybe it was the lorry drivers fault for dazzling the driver with the lights?
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