Ambrosio Varo or Shimano R501 wheelset?


Greetings all,

I can't get the cassette of my 3 year old Aksium wheelset. I tried the LBS too and neither could he. Anyway given that the rims seem a bit worn I figured I may as well fit my new cassette to a new rear wheel. The aksiums have done several thousand miles and two and a half years of commuting after all.

I can get either a Shimano R501 or Ambrosio Varo wheelset for £60. The Shimano wheels are a bit lighter but the person offering the Varo's seems to think they're better quality. What do people think?

Thanks :smile:


i would get the varo as everybody seems to be buying 501s.

mind you you could get rs10s for almost the same price and i would have those.
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