Amstel Gold - *spoilers* for any idiot who thinks it may be about yellow beer

rich p

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A lot of contenders with a shout.
Climbers, puncheurs or sprinters who can climb. Tough call.
Nice to see Peter Kennaugh back in the peloton though.


Insanity Prawn Boy
Got to see Kwiatowski and Gilbert as top picks. Also got to think they'll be heavily marked, and like you say there are some other very strong contenders in there. Could even be a longer shot going from some distance out?

Would be good to see Kennaugh doing well.


Insanity Prawn Boy
Well, Kwiatkowski! Out of my choice of two I picked the wrong one in the punditry (again)

Scrappy sprint tho


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The Red Enclave
Nice finish. Very pleased for Kwiatek.


Thought Van Avermaet was going to nab it - that would have been interesting! Well judged by Kwiat though - always good to see the world champ do the business.


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It was an impressive finish. What happened to Henao? (I think it was) At one point he looked like he'd sneaked up the inside, but then he vanished, and wasn't even in the Top 10. I wondered if I'd just imagined that he was there... also surprised to see Gasparotto riding for Wanty, and showing some signs of his old form - didn't realise he had signed up for them.
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