Amusing journalistic mistakes.

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I heard this on the German equivalent of Radio 4 the other day (my translation):

One in five Germans who are waiting for life saving organ transplant organs die before an organ becomes available. We speak to one of those effected ...

Not a funny subject I know but the choice of words made me laugh.


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Montage! Quick! Get in there with your new found word power and correct Andy!

Yes, effect/affect aside, it's interesting wording!

We once saw a headline on the Leicester Mercury stands that read "City hosiery factories hit by giant Chinese knicker imports!"

Giant Chinese knickers?;)


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There used to be a notice in the awful old terminal at Damascus airport that said "Visitors to this cuntry are advised...."


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I once worked on a mag where someone spelt literacy wrong in a headline.... it was awful. Another publication I worked for once ran an ad for a 'Pubic Sector Worker'. Needless to say, I wasn't involved in either as it's my job to spot these clangers!
In the Ludlow Journal a few weeks ago was an article featuring a bellringer called Tony Fuller. Some mischevious genius had changed his name in the photo caption to "Tiny Fukker".:sad:


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A while ago, the York Press ran a story on the St Nicks 10th birthday, showing our boss standing outside waving a bottle of champagne at the camera. The story was alongside.

The unconnected story underneath was headlined something like 'Judge condemns drunken riotous behaviour'.
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