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Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by Former User, 4 Aug 2012.

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    This may sound like a piss take but I would prefer race cycling on a go kart track to a velodrome. Velodrome is cycling equivelant to nascar. Britain seems to be excelling at cycling and I would like to see some sort of cycle circuit racing. It would bring in cornering skills and possibly even tyre choice as is the way with just about any motorsport. It would require a mix of skill types whether your a sprinter, endurance or just mad at tight corners. It would be different to steet racing/marathons because you tend not to encounter the various and often very tight bends you would get on a small race circuit. I think it would be interesting but im really mad. Who else would like to see such an event? Not necessarily an Olympic one.
  2. ianrauk

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    Atop a Ti
    Aren't the Premier Calender road races run on (street) circuits?
  3. marinyork

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    I think this is a roundabout way of saying tv coverage on cycling (apart from honourable exceptions) in the UK is very biased. And I think most on here would agree?

    There are plenty of other formats of cycling, it's a broad church. Getting them on tv and general public interest is the problem rather than thinking up new ones. Imho.
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  4. Rob3rt

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    Never heard of a criterium?
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  5. Much kudos to our brilliant lasses this afternoon but I cringed at the commentary. Try the handball, the BBC aren't posting a commentator for a lot of the matches and it's a lot better that way. I just watched a cracking commentary-free match between Iceland and France but unfortunately a BBC idiot has turned up for the match between likely contenders Spain and Hungary. At least the commentary is free of jingoism.
  6. byegad

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    Have to agree about the commentary. Theirselves instead of themselves, hisself instead of himself. I could go on but it makes me cringe every time I hear Hugh Porter mangle the English language. He's enthusiastic about cycling and in other respects a good commentator but surely in all the years he's been speaking to us someone in the BBC has noticed his appalling use of words.
  7. machew

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    How about the use of the word medal as a verb
  8. thom

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    I would like to see a cross disciplinary event involving cycling and archery.
    The Frontier Pursuit.
    4km, tandem pursuit event, so 2 teams starting on opposite sides of the track.
    The Stoker has a bow with rubber arrows. If they manage to fire and hit their quarry accross the velodrome (scalping) you win your round. Otherwise, first over the line.
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  9. fossyant

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    How dare you diss Hugh. Thirty lashes for you... Lol.
  10. Noodley

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    Until recently I really liked Porter, he makes it sound very exciting, but lately he has reverted to spouting rubbish and constantly has to be corrected by Boardman.
  11. Muguruki

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    Yep, the commentary has been very poor. Boardman at times sounds embarrassed when he has to correct Porter.

    As well as medal being a verb it is also possible "to podium".
  12. Ian H

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    East Devon
    Er...yes: Hugh Porter
  13. screenman

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    The OP sounds like he is describing BMX.
  14. Rob3rt

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    Someone posted this in another thread the other day. This to me is what the OP seems to be describing (although he does say he wants to see something different to street racing, a crit could also take place on a dedicated race track also, something like a Go Kart track). I don't really see any realistic scope for road racers to ride on any tighter, shorter or more confined courses.

  15. atbman

    atbman Veteran

    Absolutely, it should be banned. And while we're about it, why not ban the verb pedal, as well
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